Doing good?yes.

I have been playing Flyff on a bad internet connection. I hope people understand when I just dissapear.(I’m not being rude) I realized recently that I am certainly not the only one this happens to! A day ago I kept getting disconnected. It wasn’t fun but now I am lv 24 which is okay.When I get disconnected I stand there for a few minutes and then dissapear. Luckily I will be on a better wireless connection soon.
I have been partying with Mercs lately which is a lot of fun because they don’t need to wait around-they just fight! Mages just like assists have to keep “refreshing their mp.I’ve played a few times with my sister and I must say that it was fun. Do you know anyone on flyff in real life? It’s great to talk to someone you actually know.
I’ve found that the best party I was in had one merc one acrobat,two assists and two magicians. I love advanced partys.What country do you think has the most people on this edition of flyff?Apparently there are people from europe, which is awesome. I did not expect it to be all north americans,well I guess I did.

This is sort of funny on a side note: Have you ever been in a party that doesn’t fight? They just went jumping around and saying “lol”. I want xp, you know? I don’t want to get killed by monsters 30 levels higher than me. It was fun but sometimes I’m serious and I just want some fast leveling. I don’t have many hours a day to devote to flyff once classes begin. I wish I would spend 5 hours everyday but I should be spending time writing my essays! Speaking of essays I should get back to work. Seeya!

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  1. Haha. Yeah, I know about smexey FlyFF parties. Had one spectacular one once, and then we became good friends afterwards. Sadly, I lost contact with all of them, cause I got disgusted with v9 (yes, that was a loooooong time ago) and didn’t play anymore. :X

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