Rain of Sorrow- Chapter 1

Hello to you folks. I’m new to MMO Tales- as a member anyways. I lurked around these parts a little and thought that I should sign-up. I play a little of MMORPGs but I prefer to keep to myself. Well I wanted to make a fan-fic and here it is. Chapter One is pretty short but I hope you enjoy this and I will make more soon.

Rain of Sorrow

Chapter 1- Ice on the Fox

It was a bloody cold day. Well, that is to be expected if you walk around the bloody frozen hills in El Nath. My name is Sylva if you didn’t know before and I’m a young woman. I’m a Ranger well armed for the torturous life of traveling and killing random monsters for no specific reason what-so-ever. I have the nimbleness of a fox and the language fit for a drunken dwarf armed with a hammer. I have an English accent and-

Oh pardon me, I got carried away introducing myself. Well as I said before it was a bloody cold day at the high hills of El Nath. My objective here? Well that’s to find my three best friends, Wayne, Ken, and Grim. Wayne is a Bandit following the teachings of Tuyen or as most call him, PirateJing. Although Wayne is sometimes hot headed and annoying, he is pretty battle strong and tries his best to protect me. Ken is a small Cleric but with a big heart. He makes jokes every chance he gets, even in battles. I have to keep an eye on him for he is by far the weakest person in our party. Now Grim. . . Well Grim was a quiet one who kept to himself. Occasionally his young apprentice, who’s name I do not know, would appear out of nowhere and give him some information or say hello to Wayne. And when she does that I feel slightly annoyed. Grim is a powerful Priest. On occasions he teaches Ken some new spells, which Ken can’t even master.

Now what happened to my friends? Well it happened like this.

I sneezed while sitting on a cold rock. Wayne glanced at me before he chuckled.

“Isn’t it strange to wear your type of armor at El Nath where it’s cold?” he asked with a smile on his face.
“Isn’t it time for you to shut up before I knock a couple of your teeth out?” I spat back.
“Harsh,” he replied. I turned my head to Grim as he talked to his cat girl apprentice.

“What do you see in her anyways Wayne?” I asked without taking my eyes off her. Wayne was taken back. “I don’t know what you mean Sylva. She’s just a friend. And I like her ears.” I gave a harsh look at Wayne and chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Ken shouted at us. “I hadn’t made a joke yet.” Wayne turned to look at Ken. “No offense Ken, but shouldn’t you try to learn some of those spells Grim taught you or is that too hard?” was what Wayne shouted back.

“You mean like this,” Ken said. The rock Wayne had sat on flew from underneath his bum, causing him to fall over. “I’ve been practicing the spell to move objects.”

Wayne sat back up and spat out a mouth full of snow and pushed his glasses into place. Before Wayne could say something Grim said, “Alright everyone let’s go. The shrine shouldn’t be too far away now, if the information my apprentice gave me is correct.” The cat girl turned around, smiled, and waved. “Bye Wayne!” She disappeared off into the snow.

“The path to the shrine should be just further up ahead,” Grim explained. “Be wary though, it gets colder as we proceed.” Oh joy, I cold already feel the frost on my revealed flesh. And it will sting like ice on a fox.

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  1. That’s interesting. But I think bowman armour looks pretty warm, no? Save for the low levelled ones, I mean. ><

  2. Oh, and welcome to MMOT! It’s a crazy nuthouse. Looking forward to your next chap.


  3. Interesting. Not my cup of tea in terms of fanficideapreferences, but it’ll get the bloody job done. Oh and blimey, you sure do use the word bloody a lot. Well. Cheerio!

  4. Wot wot, we should all stroll down to Wimbledon and eat some scones. Ken’s a funny guy .

    -=The Nazgul=-

  5. Welcome~
    Also i like the story so far i can see it being a great story unlike mine ha ah ^^

  6. SilverFx said: “Rice, there are only three ‘bloody’s I’ve found. o__O”

    Well, I thought they were too close together for my bloody comfort.

  7. Well, I can bloody well make them bloody three bloody’s bloody closer than that. ^_^

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