Day 2 of me starting over

-_- I took a step back i guess.
I deleted the mage because I felt like I won’t get far with it.
So I started a warrior.
I am still undecided about what it’s going to be.
I was thinking about 1h axe crusader.
Or a page.
Although I have a page allready.
WK acctually but she has way too much dex.
I need some friends in broa.
._. It’s sooo lonely.
All my friends quit.
=( Will no one love KouKibi
=D And everyone is asking me about my name lately
It’s from my favortie anime Soul Hunter.
It’s one of the villans.
Google her -=D
Peace out for now peeps
Kim is outtty

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of me starting over”

  1. Aw dont worry. Start talking to other people and start off by saying can u help me with a quest or something. Thats usually how i meet friends .

  2. Haha. All of my characters are on Broa. And I even had a guild. But I lost the guild during the guild hack, and lost my will to play GMS months ago.

    Maybe I’ll play again just for you D:

    I do still want to see if my guild is back yet . . .

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