QMV- For All The Times Son

I haven’t been around MMOTales lately due to schoolwork and Ragnarok.
Because my exams are starting very soon, I have to brace up for the brain bashing work >_>
In April-May I’m having my IGCSE (A very crucial exam)
I therefore, stopped myself from playing RO and return to MS.

MMOTales part
On MS, the first thing that I saw was that my guild was completely dead.
The former guildies got tired of the inactive guildleader (myself) and recreated a new guild.
But anyways!
I created my 3rd MMV (Renamed QMV after my name hehe)

RO part

During my time in RO, I went to it’s official forum where this contest was held for sometime ago.
The thread starter requested a design of the Japanese word “Crow” (Karasu)
The best designer would get a prize. .
However, the post was shut and no one got anything =_= It pretty much pissed me off for like 10 different designs I made

*Points at display picture* (This one is my favorite)

Title: For All These Times Son, For All These Times
Band: LostProphets
Album: Liberation Transmission
Genre: AlternRock
Comment: It didn’t turn out well as I expected. My window movie maker went awry and the timer for the screenies were difficult to position.


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