Really Pissed Off

(( Luminary is not an option D: But Gunbound is…and both games are from…Um…my brother plays Gunbound?))

Today, I decided to go on Luminary. Today I decided I wanted to fight Green Hoppers in Almasha’s Hunting Ground.

Guess what I found?

A level 42 idiot who doesn’t know how to share. Just my luck.

I started to kill the Hoppers hoping to get iron ores and other materials and was doing just fine until I saw the guy approaching me. He whispered to me saying “stop it”. I asked why and he didn’t respond. So I kept killing Hoppers. Then the guy goes all indignant on me and starts cursing me off. He tells me to leave. Why should I? I mean, I’m level 38, I kill the Hoppers faster than him (even though the Hoppers were set to level 1. Sad, huh?), and Hunting Grounds are meant to be for anyone.

So what did I do? I told my brother what happened and we decided to piss him off (He’s level 39). We both went to the Hunting Ground and started mass killing the Hoppers. Soon, the guy comes and calls us noobs and obscene words. We tried to talk to him and tell him to chill out, but he says that he doesn’t care and continued to curse us off. Later, a lower level player comes in asking for Animal Bones. My brother and I give her all of our bones for free since we didn’t need them. The guy then says that we are showoffs. I said that we were just being nice, but once again, he doesn’t give a darn thing about it.

After a little while, we both left since we both agreed he was acting like an 8-year old who doesn’t know how to share.

There are just too many idiots out there in the gaming world. I like funny idiots, but complete retards like this guy just makes me want to stab them with my spear.

Sigh…thus are the consequences of playing any MMO…

((BTW, the two screenshots are part of our conversation. iStab is me, Kidnapper is my brother, and Rob is the idiot))

5 thoughts on “Really Pissed Off”

  1. If I were you, I would probably throw a few insults to piss him off even more, then talk to my brother there about him being uncannily similar to a certain 5 year old cousin DDD

    But then, it’s funny, every time I meet retards like this in maple we end up being friends. Somehow. O.o Don’t ask me how ’cause I can’t remember either o.o

  2. Lol. I met a retard like this today too, but only for a brief moment. It was fun insulting him back. You can tell that they have no idea what you’re calling them out on when they skip to unrelated insults.

  3. Sometimes don’t you agree that you want to beat the crap outta those 10 years old?
    All they do is throw tantrum through their pixelated screen.

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