The Spooky Dream

I remember the dream quite well and vividly. It was very disturbing and I’m going to type it out.

There are a few things you should know beforehand. In my past dreams, I’ve experienced flying. My dreams seem to be continuous almost as if it were episodes to a series or a movie. In these dreams, I usually fly, or actually, levitate in my dreams. It seem to be an ability I’ve “learned” in these dreams. Unfortunately, I’m incapable of fully controlling this “power”. Though, I can fly or levitate to any place at will, sometimes even really high, but sometimes it gets out of hand and I can’t get back down.

Also, I’ve not seen any horror movies in the recent years, nor have I been on ATS for quite some time. I’ve not thought about aliens or extra-terrestials for over a year or so. Though slight mentionings may trigger full memory recall, I highly doubt it was the case. Though, I did have one dream about a month or two ago regarding something of UFO’s. Rather, it seemed to be more of ancient drawings on a wall. It appeared to be a city on an ocean with UFO discs in the sky. It was a pretty large drawing. Somewhat detailed, but of simple colors. Other than this dream, there was no other.

I’m not a drug user nor am I an alcohol consumer. I’ve not taken any medicine of the sort. I’m not sick or anything, but the night before, I only had three hours of sleep.

Another thing to know would be that I would have never imagined that I would develop such a grotesque dream that you’re about to read. I’ve never even thought or dreamed of anything that horrifying.

And in any case of dreams, we do not realize we are dreaming, but believe we actually are experiencing what is happening.

..and for the feature presentation.

I had went to sleep at or around 11 PM..

..and so I dreamed I was in the school courtyard. I decided to use my ability to fly and I begin to levitate. I fly around and land on top of the school, looking down into the courtyard. I decided to get down, but I have some trouble. I come down near the ground, but then I keep floating back up. I saw one of my friends walk by. So I call to my friend, and I ask him to help pull me down. So he aids me and grabs my hand and pulls me down.

Then suddenly, we jump back, seeing a human body hit the ground as it bounces off the ground and spins in the hair as it hits the ground again. The body bounced a good four or five feet high. By quick inference, the fall must have been very high. It couldn’t have been from the roof of the school, for it’s only two stories high. Can a human body even bounce that high? Looking at the body, I could easily tell it was lifeless, even knowing the person died instantaneously, regardless. Though, the person looked cold, as if he had been dead for quite some time. But by the expression on his face, there seemed to be an expression of fear, fright, and horror.

Confused about this rather eerie situation, I observe the sky for unnatural phenomena. I see a black speck in the sky watching as it exponentially drops to Earth. Another speck appears and the image is zoomed into the objects. They were human bodies being dropped from thousands of feet high. Horrified, I couldn’t understand this strange phenomenon. As they collided into the ground, bouncing upward momentarily, the bodies lied motionless on the floor. I looked up again to see more bodies falling from the sky. Horrified, I was unaware of what was happening. More and more bodies spewed from the sky as they fell towards the Earth. The sky seemed to darken with these bodies falling from the sky.

Then I noticed they were coming from a centralized area in the sky. Trying to understand this eerie phenomenon, a giant UFO disc appeared in the sky. Its base was where the corpses were being dropped from. Compelled to take a picture of the event, I took out my digital camera to take a picture of the event. Usually, if any unnatural phenomenon happened, any person would try to take a picture or record it. Though my camera has two features, to record and to capture. I don’t know why I wasn’t going to record it.

Regardless, I looked at my digital camera. The size setting was 640×480. Believing I needed a 5.1 Mega-Pixel shot, I pressed the button to change the settings. Astonishingly, the screen had strange symbols. I can’t remember what they looked like, but I can definitely tell you it wasn’t English. My camera was always set to English. There’s no way the language could’ve changed. Not to mention, it didn’t even look Earthly to me, so there was no chance it could’ve been any other language on my camera.

But there was a catch. I’ve planned myself for these sort of events. I’ve come to realize, sometimes in my dreams, some things are strangely put. Impossibilities that happen exclusively in dreams. Because we’re dreaming and believe it is of reality we are in, we are unaware of the impossibilities that are happening. In example, sometimes I would dream something about my school. The class I’m in is on the wrong floor. Typically, it should’ve been impossible that my one class I was dreaming about was on the second floor when normally it’s on the first floor. Heck, even if the class did move, someone would’ve told me about it. I never realized the impossibility until I woke up and thought about it.

But still being in my dream, realizing my camera was in some strange text, language, or symbols, I thought it was rather fishy. Wanting to get away from all of this, I immediately knew this was impossible and was just “a dream”. Instantaneously, I woke up and it was still dark out. I looked to my clock and it was only 6 in the morning. Uneasy at what I had just dreamed, I laid there trying to understand what happened. I clearly remember it, and vividly.

I got up and decided to go pee. After doing so, I went back to bed and laid there again. I was scared to sleep and dream even more of what had just happened. But being tired, I fell asleep, dreaming about something else which was extremely irrelevant to what I had just dreamed minutes before.

..and so that ends the strange story..

..but I can’t help but wonder. Why weren’t the “dropping bodies” phenomena “impossible” to me? If I thought about it thoroughly, it should have been “impossible”. I guess I was too into the dream believing it was real just as anything else was. Hmm.. But if I never had thought about changing the camera settings, I wonder what would’ve happened next.. o_o

So, what do you think of it?

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  1. O_O
    That is one freaky dream o_o
    Maybe that’s the future of mankind?!
    . . .
    And uh, welcome back?
    And after thinking a while, I found out that my dreams are like a series too, except random things keep happening to me (Buying Barbie dolls?!) and I’m looking at me from a third person view. Oh, and I have no control over myself.

    Uhhh. . .

  2. Just one question.

    Is this even the slightest bit of MMO-related?
    Someone answer this question and tell me why.

  3. Scary dream but sorry Jing, forum it 😮

    I believe that most dreams come from past events- places that we know. When I was like 10-13 years old, I was so terrified of nightmares that I made up a imaginary- “God” of dream. When I was about to sleep, I prayed that wouldn’t get certain kinds of nightmares. Now I stopped hehe. .
    I’d recommend you to get more sleep. Getting a few hours sleep from the day before, makes you deeply concentrated on your next sleep.

    I saw this show, where this hypnotist controlled a guy’s sleep, by first asking him to get little sleep from one day before.
    The next day, the hypnotist showed him certain weird things, and made him go to bed after.
    At the end, the hypnotist sort of “controlled” what the guy was dreaming.
    Scary huh?

  4. welll thats seems liek on creepy dream =O

    i only had one dream where i was all out terrified and it lasted only about 6 mins but it was the most terrifying 6 minutes of my life D=
    it was so horrible that for 3 hours afterward i was paralyzed into beliving if i moved i was gonna die.

    neh dreams are freaky that way


  5. Yep, we all have these dreams once in a while.
    I believe dreams may be either:
    Something from your past, previous life, a forcast of the future, or too much imagination.
    But most dreams make it seem veeeeery exagerrated.

  6. I once dreamt that my classmate died face down in a swimming pool,told her during music class that made her laugh so much when we were suppose 2 be quiet,and got a school sticker for it.
    (If you get enough stickers,you get sth.)

  7. I find that I dream a lot about upcoming problems that might occur like in school or life
    In the dreams I’m always so annoyed that I forgot to do this one thing or task

    Also, whenever I have these “scary” nightmares
    If I absolutely have to go to sleep I will get the image in my head and just kill or destroy all the bad things, mentally

    ~LaZzz. . .

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