the mesorangers

it was a great day for pwning some creatures in henesys. i just met lots of strong ppl, a guy with a wolf headgear, a guy with cool hair, and his wife. i also met 3 strong lv 100 characters, but thats another story.

we were just chilling and socializing when a group of colorful characters started walking towards us…..*sigh*
they have the power rangers suits with no weapons.. fighting snails….but i just noticed something, they didnt fight the slimes or the mushrooms on the top of the henesys fighting grounds. i checked their stats, they are only lv 8, each!!!!!!!
what? we were laughing and making fun of them, it was fun.

but what pisses me off is that noobs buy NX crap just to look like they’re pros, that really burns me up…

anyway i`ll make more blogs later, im going skateboarding now….see ya

also i made a myspace……see ya guys

5 thoughts on “the mesorangers”

  1. You know what I love about your blogs? The little side pictures that come along with every blog.

  2. Yeah, I can just imagine your story by that picture =P
    But the thing I didn’t like is the part about the noobs buying NX. Makes it seem like NX is only for pro people, and maybe (most likely?) they’re friends that have better accounts, and just wanted to start over together =P

    Uhh. . .

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