team gbone pt1

man, today was great. i actually found a maple weapon…..a stump dropped it when i killed it…what are the odds?
one day my friend riocho told me to wait in elinia. he told me that he wants me to join him on a party quest…i was glad to go.
i waited for a long time for some chick that will lead us to our destination. man, it was dreadful. se took ur to a place where the lupins and zombie lupins roam. this was totally a bad idea. the only thing i can do is use dark sight. i couldnt hit any monster that they’re fighting. the next room was a place full of witches. i was scared.

then we met a hermit named mattress23, a really cool dude. he was a big help.

then we went to sleepywood……ill tell you what happens next in the upcoming blog

2 thoughts on “team gbone pt1”

  1. MasterCheeze said: “That Maple 2H looks nice. It’s level 60, right?”

    All second generation Maple Items are level 64, except for a few specially exempt (like the hats).


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