never be AFK from maplestory

so i was just walking with my brother, and my gf. nothing really exciting, except that noob killing in henesys (the aliens and the toy monsters……classic). i had to go to the bathroom and my cousin was in the same room as i am playing the DS. i told him he can play until i come back from the bathroom. “AFK” is what i told my online companions……..and that’s where things get interesting.

from the growling of my stomach, i know that it would be a while when i come out the bathroom (i kno, TMI)
i didn’t really know what happened, but my brother told me the whole thing online.

my cousin introduced himself to my gf and brother. they were talking and stuff, having fun, pwning monsters, you know, that “normal” stuff that we do in maple. uhhh….but 5 mins. later, he wasn’t “normal” anymore.
he took of my characters clothes and DROPPED THEM IN THE FREAKING GROUND. thank god that my brother picked them up before anybody got a hold of them. my cousin put on the speedos i bought from the NX store (for special occasions). he was running around the whole place yelling ” IM GAY!!!!!!!!!!” omg i was basically screwed!!!

when i came back from “punishing the toilet”, i saw my character half-naked. i was yelling at my cousin and threw him in the bathroom MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! im so bad, lol

i told my friends what happened and they were shocked to tell me the whole story…

then a hot chick with a bikini and a santa hat gave me a friend request yelling “hey hottie!!!” which made a girlfriend very jealous and angry, making the girls get into an argument

i put on my clothes and watched the argument, pretending like nothing happened..

and thats why you should’nt be AFK

7 thoughts on “never be AFK from maplestory”

  1. Guys in speedos = torture to my eyes.

    I cant wait to see JT wearing one in Love Guru this summer though! XD

  2. Speedos?

    Justin Timberlake?

    Gujju wanting to see a man in speedos?

    *molds you a plastic figurine resembling JT and puts a miniature speedo on it*

    Now you can reenact the movie with these action figures!

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