Maplestory Content Testing

It was interesting at first because I was one of the lucky winners but after I downloaded it and went through all the installing I logged on and I was like really looking forward to it but after I logged on I disconnected after 10 seconds. I logged on again over and over and kept disconnecting. I got so pissed.

2 thoughts on “Maplestory Content Testing”

  1. nexon’s a greedy ass moneymaker i swear -.-”
    I pay a flat-rate subscription for WoW (buying WoW game cards for $40 for 2 months) and theres no d/c problems and crap like that, and in order to gain items to enhance gameplay experience, you DONT have to buy extra points (ex. NX/@-cash). Sure Blizzard’s making pissloads of cash, but they use it for other things and not only for their own profit or to make WoW more expensive.
    As for Nexon, people probably spend more than $40 in 2 months on NX cards on crap that will expire in a month. If you play mapleSEA, then the cash items are twice as much and the stuff only lasts 1 month. (on GMS, most cash items last 3 months).

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