KLON 24 Gujju

KLON Clone radio we play the songs that sound more like everyone else
then anyone else. Clone Clone Clone.
Keep Listening Over Night
Alright ya’ll this is Nobody At Night here at KLON radio. How we feeling
out there?
Lets get things started off
With a song
A Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
By Tom Waits
Today we have for you all Gujju

I have been playing Xbox (big surprise) and had a large debate with one of my teachers about a large unfair project assigned over the break, It was used as revenge on our class and as far as details go, I wont go into them. I won the debate but it changed nothing due to the good old fashion “well I am the adult here so I win” card.
Women troubles are the same in that the women in my life are non-existent.

Please tell us about your most recent MMO experience, this is required!
Lying will be accepted and it can be any MMO, this is required for two reasons.
1. This need to be MMO related, and I have not played Maple in a few months, since november to be exact. ( Hey I got a Xbox360 sue me! )
2. So I know which MMO to put this under.

Recent MMO experience : MABINOGI (Please caplitalize this :])
It was me and rain off saw row, exploring the depts of this new game, which btw, i totally prefered over Maple and Cabal. And basically he just took me to wierd places and helped me out

What is your favorite colour

My favorite colour is rainbow!

…wait that sounds wrong. Lets say blue.

What is your favorite song?

My favourite song right now is No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. <3

What is your favorite game?

I dont have a favourite game. I am not a gamer, per se. I guess Mabinogi? Since its the only thing i really play right now.

What is your first name?

My First name is Sneha. Dont wear it out.


I turned 17 a week0ish ago.

17 eh nice nice
Favorite MMO tales person?

Fav MMO-er. .thats a hard one. Can i skip that?

Because you cannot decide on your favorite MMOer. . .I volunteer me. . .I accept!

Have you done it?

I have no done it. Is that straight up enough for ya?

no have done it? *pats on back* tis okay, since you have not done I volunteer. . .Johnny Depp! He accepts! GO FIND HIM!

Favorite food?

Pizza. Yum

Favorite show?

Um. Any of those random Disney shows like the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. AND Friends. Gotta love Friends re-runs.

Favorite video game?

um. .that really old Mario Brothers game. For that OLDD Nintendo system. I still have that XD

Do you have a significant other?

No. I am single

Do you love me as much as I love myself?

I dont think thats physically possible

Got that right

I will now ask you a set of question from a famous questioner, american television host James Lipton, he adapted it from a French television host and that television host adapted it from a famous french writer.

What is your favorite word?

My favourite word is Canoodle.

What is your least favorite word?

Least favourite word is school. poo.

What sound/ noise do you love?

I love the sound of food cooking. You know, that sizzle?

what sound or noise do you hate?

I hate the sound of a bell. Like a school bell, or alarm clock.

What is your favorite curse word?

B*tch. I love it.

who would you like to see on a new bank note? (dollar)

I want to see Johnny Depp. If her was on my 5, i would spend less money *drool


He is so hot and spicy.

What profession other then own would you least like to try?

My current proffesion is student. I want to be a Social worker.

If you were reincarnated as another plant or animal, what would you be?

I acually belive in reincarnation. I want to be a Venus Fly trap. They so bad-ass.

If heaven exist what do you want God to say to you at the pearly gates?

I would say. Hi. It is just polite.

Do you know any women who hate themselves enough to date me?

um you can try Britney Spears

I prefer woman who wont kill with me a umbrella

Kentucky Avenue by Tom Waits

Thats it as usual, as far as Smoking paper goes I got another paragraph done!
Remember to mention how much you liked this show or else I can no longer afford to buy the ointment needed to relieve the sting of the constant slaps from women who refuse to date me. . .dang was that pathetic

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  1. Well, I guess fate is preventing me from liking this blog! I clicked on the button and I got that “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” shat. And for all you haters of IE, wtf ever, I’ll use it at my grandma’s house@@@!

  2. At least you acknowlegded its existance!

    Oh btw for anyone who actually looks at this for music Oo
    Here is a song that should be in there but no room for,listen to it!

  3. NobodyNight said: “At least you acknowlegded its existance!

    Oh btw for anyone who actually looks at this for music Oo
    Here is a song that should be in there but no room for,listen to it!

    How do you post a vid?

  4. NobodyNight said: “You just copy and paste the url”

    (If it’s a YouTube URL, it has to have a www. or it won’t embed)

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