yea… i’m not exactly new to MMOTales. but i havn’t been on a lot too. so yeah. o.o you will problably never know my other acc names; flower01 and bunnixx. i had no idea what i was thinking about when i made them up, so don’t ask. >< please… don’t ask. :] buht the only reason i’m on here was cuz i went on basil after 89592759 months and saw this AND cuz summers really boring. if my no capitalization is bothering you. i’m really sorry. :[ i just don’t feel like pressing the shift key right now. but atleast i’m using apostraphes.(sp?) :] if you’re one of those people who get really mad if people don’t use proper capitalization and and stuff, PLEASE TELL ME! D: i don’t want an angry mob of MMOers to hunt me down and start whacking me with an uncooked chicken or some other oncooked disgusting animal. ehh, i hate eating animals. it’s eww and really mean. but then again, that’s problably why i’m so skinny…
<my suckish and very boring cleric>
if you have like, really good memory you might remember me saying i lvled a lot on my cleric. but after i reached 48 i stopped. o.o and that was around a month after cpq started. so for now, i’m stuck at that lvl. >:[ rawrr. i WOULD quit it, but all my friends on on her BL and then they’d be sad and they’d give me their AIM and i’m never on AIM and they’d be like, OMGGG</3 WHERE’S NIKKIE? D: I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND SHE’S JUST BREAKING ME HEART NOW. THAT LITTLE CORNBUTT WILL PAYYY! .> evil.scheme.to.stalk.me.and.put.whipped.cream.on.my.face.while.sleeping. ehh. maybe i exagerated A LITTLE… or a lot. ;D so yeah. did i mention my wizardd yet? :]

if i hadn’t said that i don’t have a wizard, some of you would problably be think, what’s that girl doing on maplestory? she just stays on maplestory and doesn’t get so bored she never trains? ect. BUT! for the past month i made a char, Nikkiex, and been training her a lot. so yesterday, she got to lvl 30 and i made her become a F/P wizard. i dunno why i did, my friend told me they were fun. so in 1 month, i can get to lvl 30. unlike 1 year which made me get to lvl 30 on my cleric.

so that’s basically my whole blog of when i was gone for that 9085025 months. i think you’re thinking, this girl is really weird. i don’t like her. well i like being weird. SO DEAL WITH IT! > i’m problably not gonno come back and blog about maplestory for another 537530 months. SO BYEE. o.o
or will i?
dundunduuun. scarymusic.
♥ nikkie.

picturee; a random screenshot i just took. i don’t know who that guy is though… he randomly said hi to me.
don’t mind the disgusting green hair i have and unoriginal name.

OH and. another thing that happened was that my friend tried hooking me up with some people. SO ANNOYING! so this is really the end now.

♥ nikkie

15 thoughts on “lmao”

  1. Dest1 said: “I also remember flower01.

    And lololo you go onto lolbasil”

    How come all of you know her? ._.

  2. Lol i dont. T.T But that might be because i only came back a few weeks ago.

    And welcome back? I think?!

  3. I eat potatos in soup, where they are really soft and mushy, ‘specially russet potatoz.

    Which are probably one of the only things I’ll be able to eat after I get braces – just in time for school! DX

  4. Braces? At 14? Isn’t that kinda late?

    It’s okay. I was supposed to get braces like last year, but haven’t yet, and hopefully they’ll give it up because if I get them now I’ll be wearing them in freaking college ._.

    Edit: You like soft and mushy potatoes? Lulz

  5. I only need to wear braces for about 18 months. Which is pretty short for braces, I think? Although the full treatment is supposed to take about two years~

    Today I visited the orthodontist, and he said that it was *lucky* for me that I have wisdom teeth, because one of my other bicuspids didn’t grow in. So I have to get the baby tooth pulled out, and then get braces to pull the gap closed. But the other option was to get an implant, which would have to wait until I’m 18 lol P:

  6. Lol.
    I have 3 wisdom teeth. I’m supposed to get them out, osht, next Tuesday.

  7. RussetAure said: “Lol.
    I have 3 wisdom teeth. I’m supposed to get them out, osht, next Tuesday.”

    Psh, that’s easy, just go in, come out.

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