Woot 2v2 cpq pwnage (Don’t Read)

2v2 cpq is the best evah! <3

It was the twenty-third of March, 2008, midnight…

me: J> pq
sweetboy: *invite* ch 2
me: 2v2?
sweetboy: yes

So began my first ever 2v2 cpq. We just surfed around the chs, inviting or, when there was room, making a room.
I pqed with him for maybe an hour or two.

So there we were, sitting in that waiting room, when an invite came: a lvl 50 wizardess and a lvl 50 warrior of some kind.
We pwnt them. The mag kept dying

2v2 = more Maple Coins for each, more experience for each, more organization, less chance of a noob ruining it all for the rest.
Ty to sweetboy459 for a great cpq run.

(The Reason Why I Said Don’t Read: This Is For My Own Reference Only)

Total Wins Of The Day (ibnlt the 2v2 run):: Lv 47 (5%) to Lv 49 (25%), spielgan necklace thing, ZERO pots used:: whoo yepee yeah

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  1. Best thing to do is save CPs then at likr 50 secs scream “BIG BANG!” And use all the buffs on the monsters like haste,Guard up etc,


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