Sad LPQ Day

So I was trying to get into Ludi pq. I stood there shouting “J> pq.” for a while. I got into several parties, none of which got me in.
After thirty minutes wasted, I was sick of it all.
‘Forget this,’ I thought. ‘Let’s make my own party.’
Got my track list out, and my gosh, tada! First one on the list, stg 8.
So I made a rather noob party ( I was highest level) but that’s ok.
We waited. Stg 8 turned to crack. Crack turned to bonus. I clicked like mad (I never use ac) and holla, keeping to my reputation, I got us in. (Not to brag, haha actually to brag, I have never failed to get a party in, assuming all members of a party are present in the channel.) We were all happy, and we had barely gotten to stg 2 when someone turned traitor, left party and got another party in. D: I was pretty mad, but they were gone and nothing I could do about it.

It so happened that my track luck had run out and no one on that list was in pq. We waited for another 30 minutes or so. Impatient people left, patient people stayed. Finally I found someone with track — stg 1. We waited there, then found another stg 1 track. After a time, a third track — stg 8.
I got us into the stg 8 track channel. Yay. Then the only mage in our party dced. (Lol, he was so devastated that he had dced on his first pq.)
So we rushed, got back in easily.

Then when we were at stg 2 again, my mom began yeling for me to get off the computer and eat dinner. By the time I got back, the party had remade itself. And I don’t blame them.

Total Wins Of The Day: 1% in approximately 3 hours. Great.

5 thoughts on “Sad LPQ Day”

  1. =O
    Are you in bera?
    If so buddy JiIIis
    Proest lpq cleric in bera
    if i do say so myself

  2. -pats you in the back-

    Those stuff happened to me loads of times too (Before I quite maple, that is)

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