Leaving MS?.

My title?… Actually, do you think I’m really leaving behind ALL my EFFORT I did on Maple Story?.

– – – Sort of.

Enough of it! I think I DID quit… O___e… Did I?… Well, I’m not sure what I did exactly. ROFLMAO.
Anyway, the last thing I remember when I logged on Maple, I found myself naked. /kidding.
No, I was still in NLC [woah!I still remember some names] SOYAH, my buddy list decreased in a serious
amount of only 5 people left or less. My guild, is dying. I found myself bored one more time…
Too bad the 5 last ‘friends’ are those who are REALLY addicted to Maple Story non-stop.
In the other hand, I think it’s a good thing for me to stop playing Online Games… D8< Just 2 more years
till I graduate from High School. [<<<LOLWUT?What’s the point saying that?… ehh]

LOL, I also remember that one dude asked me for ‘MESOSPL0X’. Pwahaha, I really miss that ‘PL0X’. XDD
Well, I’m not sure If I should keep blogging… since I stopped playing MS… but I enjoy blogging in here. D:
Augh… My nx is expiring too and with that puffy hair of mine… I’ll look freaking funny. XD
Ok guys.. is this a ‘GOOD BYE’ for sure?… I hope NO… But I’ll blog if I ever get on MS again…



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  1. Can I have your account then?
    lol sorry bout that trying my “basiler” impression

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