Humanity (Poem)

As the sky turns black demons arise from the shadows of hell,

While humans sleep demons hunt , for souls they seek with destructive paths,

For them Humanity is nothing but a mere group of weak things that can be easily wiped out,

Souls cry everyday screaming for help, screaming at humans to wake up and save themselves,

For humans the screaming souls are nothing but a mere wind blowing in their hair,

The sky is dark, demons are ready to seek and destroy,

Darkness aids the demons in finding souls to feed upon,

For humanity darkness is helll and hell is darkness, and yet they dont seek a way out of it

Being nothing but mere inferior creatures we cant help but wonder around with no clue on what to do next,

For humanity always seeks darkness, hoping nothing wrong would happen,

For that hope is nothing but a wish that would never come true unless it is in their mind,

A wish is a wish that might or might not come true,

For all the amount of wishes humanity seeks it brings nothing but danger to themselves,

For demons feed upon souls that hoped for much, For demons this is a chance to find more food,

As the time comes closer the demons enter the human world ready to seek and destroy,

Each second that passes by frustrates the demons causing them to be hungrier , angrier and more destructive

Tick Tock Tick Tock the time is getting closer for the gates of hell to completely open unleashing the demons and humanity is unprepared……

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