Nibiru 2012 The End?[Chapter 3]

“Well, sorrryy. I’m 18 this is my driving test remember?” Jon pressed another button. His driver instructor took a sip out of lmaonade. “What ever just kill them.” Jon looked at the controls Dammit, shoulda read the handbook. He peered at other screen. Where his character in a game based on the world they live in “MapleStory” was sitting down in the “Free Market.” C’mon die already! I got a Z-run in an hour!

Another beam zoomed past the group. “Now there’s two ways to do this. We could A make a break for the planet. Or B fight these things.” Mike said drawing his blaster rifle. ” I pick option B” He fired a shot at the space ship. “Bob! Bring the mini-pods out of the shuttle and bring them here.” He said into his headset. Chris and Tom drew their weapons aswell, and began firing.

Soon after, three little space ships flew up to the group. “Everyone get in one!” Chris called. Tom broke the formation by preforming a ‘barrel’ roll. “HAHA YOU SAW THAT! I DID A BARREL ROLLZ!” he cried. Mike shook his head “Chris, cover me on the left, fire your Photon gun if you must.” Chris’s face appeared on Mike’s windshield. “Gotcha” he said. Mike blasted towards the alien space craft, with Chris behind him.

“So they want a fight huh?” Jon jumped into a small space pod. “Oh they’ll get one. Send out the troops.” Him and seven other aliens balsted off into space. “Let’s take out that one leading them in.” And with that Jon started chargin’ his laser.

Mike watched as eight alien space craft blasted towards him. He fired a Photon bomb at a couple of them. And fire off some flares to evade heat-seeking missiles that tried to hit hit him. Chris was firing madly at the aliens and turned up his thrusters to blast towards the enemy faster.Tom stopped rolling and charged into battle. The lead alien fired a heat-seeker, Mike pressed a button, expecting some flares to come out. Nothing did come out. “Mike watch it!” Chris called. “I’m trying, I’m trying!” Mike flew up into empty space. The missile followed. “Dammit!” Mike fired a missile, in hopes that the another would follow the heat. It didn’t. It was coming closer. Seconds later, it hit.

“Score! One down!” Jon laughed. A couple of “Good job sir” ‘s were heard from inside his headset. “Don’t Good Job me! Get back on these humans!” Jon closed his eyes. He focus real hard. POP! A Sal-megallah soda appeared in his hand. “Cherry flavor, my favourite.”

Chris watched help-lessly as Mike spiraled down towards Planet X. “Tom! We have to fall back!” He cried. Tom flew towards him “Oh really? Can I shoot once?” He asked. “Yeah,give us cover fire.”Chris replied. As they few back Tom flying backwards shooting, Bob prepared a space warp.

Mike flew into the planet’s crust. I’m dead. I died. I’m dead.“Mike! Mike! Are you okay?” His teamates’s voices flowed softly into his head. Shut up guys, I’m dead. Mike bobbed his head. Something cold rested against his cheek. He slowly opened his eyes. He was outside the mini-pod. His face was smashed against the glass of his helmet. He sat up. “Whoa, this is Planet X…Nibiru.” He pulled a small object out of his pocket.Surprisingly the bomb didn’t blow up or look broken. He stood up and began running, to find a spot to plant it.

Jon looked outside his window. “Hmm one crashed into “éýÿÓ” Bay.” Jon turned to fly back to his base. When he got there. He radio’d in. “Sir, there’s a human on our planet he’s in “éýÿÓ” Bay. Should we check it out?” A alien voice responded. “Yes sir, Good thinking.” He turned off his headset. “HAHA He must be dead my foot! I’m going down there.” He sat down at a chair. “After my Z-Run of obivously!” He laughed.

Mike found a big crater. “This looks like a good place.” He said to himself. He jumped in and crouched down. Placing the bomb at his feet. He smiled, placing his hands over the bomb. “Oh crap. How do I set it up again?”

~End of chapter~

[Another short one…But whocares, last call for Character apps. Name,Age,Gender and Race (Alien or Human) so yeah.]


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  1. Lmao at “Shut up guys, I’m dead!” But what’s with me being 18 and commanding a whole bunch of aliens 0.o Oh well, just makes me that much smexier. It’s funny, cus I’ve never even done a Z run before, hell I’ve never Gotten past level 50

  2. Lithium said: “Lmao at “Shut up guys, I’m dead!” But what’s with me being 18 and commanding a whole bunch of aliens 0.o”

    They wouldn’t of known if you didn’t say anything!

  3. Darkwar4ever said: “Nass, are you a guy or a girl? ._.”

    Are you a m@n or a wimenz?


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    Darkwar4ever said: “Nass, are you a guy or a girl? ._.”

    Are you a m@n or a wimenz?


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