Nass and FTWStory (Part 1)

Yesterday, I tried a server called “FTWStory”

Now to me the name was the gheyest thing on Earth. But hey can’t judge a book by it’s name eh?
Or something like that…
Anyway I made my soon-to-be Ranger. Named RangerMike.
It started off well. You know, three snail kills and then POP! J00 ish lvl 10. And then in like 15 mins, your lvl 30.
I met some….intresting people. Some *cough* most *cough* We’re uh, different. And then there were some who were nice. But I liked to go Solo for now. I got to lvl 50, then did the quest der, the one dat you gotta keel liek 10 STD’s and then 20,then 40. That got me to about 68-9.

Lesson #1: Safe sex IS important. Dun wan dos STD now do ya. I mean I gotta kill them for a quest so..

I went to Voodoos so I can level faster. I got to level 70 in 3mins. And went back to Voodoos….

The big part though

Was my scrolling skillz. I scrolled my Maple Bow der (lvl 43 one.) If you look in the photo I had 42 Bow ATT scrolls all 60%So I scroll EVERYTHING! And the I bought some Storm Caster Gloves, and scrolled those to +11 Weapon ATT. I thought I could do better so I bought another pair, and scrolled them. They came out SO crappy! So I was like “Whadda?” So I bought another pair, and those came out crappy too….T.T

Overall, I had alot of fun there, I’m lvl 90 nao and I wanna test out the Hawk thingy!
So all and all….

Test 2. Sucess.


10 thoughts on “Nass and FTWStory (Part 1)”

  1. What are the rates?
    I could just do the simple division but im too tired atm

  2. Rates:
    Exp 300x
    Drop 200x

    @Dest: This is why I am er, testing them to uh, see what the hype is all about. . . . .Yeah,that’s it.
    @Dark: Shall I make MMOTMS one of my test subjects?


  3. Darkwar4ever said: “Yes you should! =O MMOT only, I think it will be a very good test.”



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