FlyFF-Nass Vs. Fefern

Today I was leveling as always.

Then some girl in my party was like “We should go into Mars Mine”
“Mars Mine?”
“Yeah good EXP”

There was Me, lvl 21 Acro
a lvl 20 Assist
lvl 20 Acro (yo-yo user)

So I was like “Sure why not”


“Mars Mine”
Many people went in there,
Not one of them came out…
Today it’s my turn,
Will I live?
What’s in there?
Only time will tell..

We went in. It’s spooky (Pic 1)

Anyway I saw a monster:MUTANT FeFern

ZOMG lvl 21!!!! Okay let’s try killing it. My finger hovered over Junk Arrow. What if it did to much damage off me?

Ah, what the heck. Woot a 700! But now it’s mad and heading towards me. Junk Arrow! it’s….still…ALIVE!

And then disater struk another one spawned beside me and it’s name had RED letters! So now I had 2 of them on me.

Deja vu. Another one spawned on my other side. Yes, it had red writing as well.

Then my party ran over the girl took maybe…35secs to type “u ned help?”

I could’ve said “ZOMG YESH I’M DYING!!!!” But what I really said was “Yeah, thanks”

Anyway I was doing this quest where I had to explore the Cave. I went preety far in, and when I checked my quest log. The req. “Search” was NOT crosseed out.

“LIKE OMG LADY HOW FAR DO YOU WANT ME TO GO!” I think she wanted me dead…

(Pic 2) a pool of monsters. After we decided to go further, The was a pool of them (monsters).

Their names were yellow at first but then they ALL turned red and jumped at me and the girl in the picture.




4 thoughts on “FlyFF-Nass Vs. Fefern”

  1. I died badly the first time I went into that mutant mine. Anything with red names = bad. -.-

  2. I got to like level 28 before i could kill munant Bangs and those stuff in there =P.

  3. hmm, wierd. I have a lvlv 20 mage, and he did fine, and mages have low HP, maybe i was lucky?

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