But…I came here first

I know, it’s been SO LONG since I wrote something. SO I’ll tell you about a KS-ing scene that I had not to long ago…..

I was at Voodoos minding my own. When some BIG-SHOT DK comes in.

“Hello fellow Warrior” I said.
“Dang, this is taken too, man I’ll never find a map.” he said.
“lol Don’t worry you’ll get one” I replied.
“Lol Yeah i’ll get one right now”
“What do you mean?”
“Imma take yours”
“Don’t start that man”

*Ksing Begins*

*Priest comes in*


*****he smega-ed “KS WAR VOODOOS CH 18″****

*Tons of people come*

a Hermit- “Hey Crocher!”
“I used to be in your guild”
“Orly now?”
“So.. Think you can help me get some guys outta here?”

Some Ranger- “Why should WE leave, this is fun!”
Me-“….But I came here first”

I have no idea what got into everyone but first one guy said “Yeah w/e this map is to small”
Then other guy said ” Yeah I gotta train anyway”
And as fast as they came…They left. Leaving me ,my hermit buddy and the DK guy.
Feeling good I said to the DK “You still wanna KS me?”
Then the DK guy logged off.

Also I think imma start a new character, I just don’t know what job he should be.

lol Wut?


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