Hi everyone, i’m Mochii !

I found out about here through BasilMarket, and i just joined the the heck of it

Lets see….
I am 14
I live in the O.C. in California
I <333 mochi 8D
I like to read (Yes, Fan Fics too)

Ill try to be frendly and blog alot etc etc ..
bye for now!

13 thoughts on “Newb”

  1. Hi, I’m

    I am 16
    I live in Taiwan
    I <333 porno lol
    I like to dance

    bye for later or now or both!

  2. Welcome to MMOTales! I am The Nazgul, the resident fanfic writer. Beware of my fell beast, etc etc etc .

    -=The Nazgul=-

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Finally another PSTer! And in California! And in the O.C.!

    Mostly everyone here is from EST. Finally I’m not alone! YEY!

    I liek mochi. Mochi ish guud. o_O

    Are you a feeeeeeeeeeeeemale mochi or a maaaale mochi?

  4. I don’t like mochi. As a wrapping, the texture irks me. :X

    Welcome to MMOtales~

  5. >_< Nuuuu! Mochi must hurry up and comment! I must know about the only other PSter. >_<

  6. whats mochi? o-O


    im 16
    i live in ohiioo -no azn ppls D; leik whatruitcake?!-
    i <33333 girls -i am a girl
    i love to read HAHAHAHAPWNT

    if u make advances toward froggy hell bite u with hi nonexistant teeth
    soo byebye for now =D


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