Ludi PQ

This time it’s acutally pretty good. I’ve been getting in a lot. There are some few execptions on arse holes and stuff.

I finshed a LPQ in less then 20 minutes, with a highest level as 44. Strange and effed up. No one was really funded at all.

So, we did the normal stage yada yada.

Anyways, I gached today 11 tickets. It was the best gach I had in years.

Everything was crap. Scrolls worth 500k-. THis one ticket made it worth while.

Brown work glove. Sexy. 20m Worth.

I had a shoes for dex 30% and used it to attempt to blow up my crappily scrolled shoes. Turns out it worked and i’m using them now.

(Stats level 26 white bottom pink, +7 accuracy +12 avoid +5 speed 1 slot left)

Lovely ain’t it?

I went a little crazy and wanted to blow up my 3dex blue work glove clean. I used a 30% for weapon attack. It worked. Feeling lucky I bought 4 60% glove attacks priced at 2m each. Only 2 of them worked. 7 attack work glove 3 dex… I guess it’s okay…

I scrolled a lion heart out of pure boredom. oh and a zard. Turns out both great results and profit.

Lionheart: 7, 70%s All work. End result: 69 attack +7 STR

Zard 6, 70%s (beginning) 30% (last slot) all work. End Result: 82 attack 1 weapon def, +9 STR.


Oh… Yeah speaking of which. Iscrolled a 17 dex black dragon robe. 1 10% overall dex and 9 overall dex 100%s.

I got a new NX outfit, and a crush ring with this girl I like ._.;; Yeah.

AaronFTW signing out.

6 thoughts on “Ludi PQ”

  1. Some people have all the luck when scrolling.

    Heck, I can’t even use 100%’s anymore. =(

    I Pl-l4IL


  2. sigh sniff, i had a friend in maple who name was similiar to your name. One day when i went to maple i went looking around for him. And by coincidence i meet his gf and i ask her where aaron? She tells me that he was in a car accident and he died.

    BTW: aaron’s gf was his rl gf

  3. Hm, scary, well it was a good blog, and im wondering what is a lvl 27 doing in Ludi PQ? isnt that a bit low?

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