Carnival PQ

Carnival Party quest.

Best thing for levels 45-50.

I went from a 46 0% to 48 90% In one day.

It’s like 30k EXP per 10 minutes not including the monsters you kill inside the PQ, and you don’t waste pots at all!


Afterschool, I log on to MapleStory finding out that the Carnival PQ is out! Excited and over joyed, I logged on. I went to Kerning City (Only place that you can be transported to CPQ in VIC) and joined a PQ. Shortly not even after 3 minutes of waiting, I was in.

Objective of the Party quest. It’s a 2vs2,3vs3,4vs4,5vs5,6vs6 PQ.

2 parties.

Whoever gets the most points win.

There are these Carnival points (which will be useful in the PQ) for every monster you kill. You can use it to have the “cancel melee attacks (UBERLY USEFUL)” and Cancel magic attacks (semi useful). There are also somethings called avoid increase, and yadda yadda.

After I got the hang of it, I quit my original party and started a new one with Karumara (Travis). He and I are the godliest 2vs2 pair ever. We won over 14 PQs staight before adding a new number. I won 67+ times in a row today ;P. I’m so godly~

I almost lost a party quest. ALMOST. By 20 points. They were jack arses and spammed the “cancel melee” attack thing on us ;/ Bugged us, but we won. barely ;D.

Then after they left I went to do my homework.

After I finshed my homwork, Ichallenged my friend to a 2vs2 battle. Out of 4 times, I won them all. It was jolly fun. Seriously.

Uhh yeah bye .

Pic 1: Raep in using carnival points.
Pic3: Out of the 700 points earned on my team, I made 409. >_>

10 thoughts on “Carnival PQ”

  1. How many MapleCoins do I have to get to get the necklace or you just get it another way? o.o

  2. Lol
    Carnival PQ is the bomb
    I got 23 Coins : D
    27 more for the shiny necklace

  3. Lol, I did it on my lvl 31 f/p, my only character that could do it
    I got wooped! XD
    Question: To win is the total amount of points, the percentage of cp, or how much cp your party has left
    Cause when I was in it, I saw the other team not using all of their cp

    Oh and for lvl 31 mage CPQ is the worst thing ever! But I was good at it because of my teleport! I forgot to keep doing magic guard though! XD

  4. In the pq of life there are no winners. . .
    Lol, well that’s MY random quote of the day!

  5. Wolfguy184 said: “sweet! What’s the level limit for this PQ?”

    30-50. Time to use my lvl 33 spearman. Is the necklace untradeable? And how does it work? How do you do it? Help Meh!

  6. MeepsterXP said: “It’s like 30k EXP per 10 minutes not including the monsters you kill inside the PQ, and you don’t waste pots at all!”

    That’s if you win and A all the time.
    As a level 35 hunter I more often get 8.5k instead, but that’s still good at my level, plus all the yummy leech EXP. But I do win about half the time with a B, and we get 25.5k and that’s like 30% for me

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