Im back

I R B Back

Im finally going to start blogging after forever or something like that. I also got back into Maplestory
My character bandit character who is in the 20s is on Windia if you want to buddy him. Not really much to say but I will blog again later this is just a “Im back blog” So yeah who’s gone and who is new here since I last came here?

EDIT : Hey is anybody else having problems getting on to Maplestory?

15 thoughts on “Im back”

  1. Deathwalker is always where he wants to be. And this morning, it is MMOTales Welcome back, Maplerz. I’ve been gone too, Chewck out the “Nova @ First Impressions” Blog to see where I’ve been (Very last Post atm).

  2. Dammit guys!
    Play along! Geeze, no one cares about your messages!

    Just edit them and say
    “Deathwalker is always here.”
    “DarkDragoon is always here.”


  3. Jesus came back, and I’m totally pissed. Not about you or Jesus, but that I originally work up at about 11:35, and then somehow I overslept until 1:35. That’s two freaking hours I wasted in a blink of an eye, and I got no benefit whatsoever. That’s two hours wasted that I could be doing something I really enjoy.

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