Picz ><

eh, just some pics ><
not really a blog nessecarily ><

Pic One + Two is before the slimes meet my cocunut knife >=D
I wonder what king slime would do if he saw this :d

Pic three, me getting pwnt by my sis’ bf’s account ><
Pic Four, Is this godly? looks kewl tho =D

The sin dual attk (fina pic) >=D sins own yall guys anyday >=D
YEAH I SAID IT! WUT??? -bring it-

that concludes this mini slide show >;0
the thumb up sign on the button is bored =[
plz click it to keep it happy ;D
(It’s getting untouched in my blogs since they suck xd)

3 thoughts on “Picz ><”

  1. I like it because the I/L Wiz in pic 5 uses hax to use ice strike on the ladder.

  2. its not a hack dear,the person so happened to jump off the ladder thus jumping up on the land,while he was spamming ice strike
    Dits can assult like that too,if the mobs were nearby.

  3. hey, i heard of that guild before., my friend is in it, i think his name was dk0pwns or something like that

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