It’s been a while.

A long while, actually. But I’m in my mom’s office, waiting til’ 2 for my guitar lessons-so I figured I’d hop back on MMOT and check up on what’s been happening.

First and foremost-it’s great to see the big wave of new MMOTers. Anyone else remember when there were like…ten of us? The only thing I’m pissered at is that all the blogs are still Maple blogs.

Stupid snail killing, giant headed, drug/potion addicted game. . .

Anyway, I won’t really be reading up/blogging much, spare time, really. (Sorry Cheeze, but I’ll be on MSN again in the near future.) Anyway, this blog will mainly be on terms of World of Warcraft. Hopefully, some of you play at least a teensy bit, and will understand the one or two terms I throw in.

Paladins are OP

Waste that comes out of the rectum.

As a holy paladin-the only viable class for PvP (Ret pallies still haven’t managed to squeeze up to the DPS/heal point yet) I have two viable heals. And for anyone who says Holy Shock counts as one-screw you. It’s one of the most mana inefficient, pathetic heal amount instant cast heals in the flippin’ game. Even with the PvP set bonus, a raise of 30% healing-it’s still pitiful. There’s a 15 second cooldown, not to mention the pop of the global cooldown, and a 650 mana cost.

Thus, I have to rely on Flash of Light and Holy Light.

Flash of Light, however, is also not viable. The amount it heals is about how much a warrior can punch in with one hit. Not to mention the classes with healing reductions. Warriors and their mortal strike, hunters and their aimed shot, rogues and their wound poison. Flash may be great for PvE-but with the reductions and the heavy DPS, the only thing you’re left with is Holy Light.

For those of you unfamiliar with the basics of Holy Light-it has whopping 810 mana cost. While it heals for about two to three times as much as Flash of Light, it has a 2.5 second cast the first time, even if you’re specced for it. Rogues, will take this big cast time, mixed with Curse of Tongues, Mind Numbing Poison-oh, right, druids can feral charge, warriors can shield bash and pummel, warlocks and priests can last second fear, and shamans can earthshock.

Assuming the enemy arena is dumb enough to allow a Holy Light to get dropped, you get a buff of a .5 second reduction, bringing the cast time to 2 seconds. Hooray! Holy Light is now via-oh, jeez, the shamans, priests, felhunters and hunters can rip that right off.

How funny.


Bubble was the king of paladin skills. The undispellable 12 second shield of “Ha, [female dog], can’t [effin’] touch this [effin’] [donkey] now, can you? I don’t [effin’] think so!”

But bubble has about thirty five million counters.

-Cyclone cannot be bubbled out of (What can’t a druid do?)
-Mass Dispell, a low cast time, small mana cost spell can shred bubble along with the rest of your buffs.
-Possibly the most obvious-when a pally bubbles, he plans to heal himself/allies. A half-arsed rogue will sprint away, leave combat, and restealth, making bubble a waste of mana and a cooldown. In arena, if I stop taking the damage, some one else on my team does anyway.

Blow me.

It’s 1:45ish, so I’ll be taking my leave. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, and have a good day. =]

-The Panda

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  1. Personally I’ve always hated playing a holy paladin unless Darkmoon Card: Heroism had a 100% proc rate.

  2. Lol, WoW talk is soooo. . .wowwy!
    Is ‘blow me’ a good move to use?

    ~LaZzz. . .

  3. This blog reminds me of our Vent conversations. Well, yours and Max’s and Lenny’s. I just kind of…sit there… D;
    Lol, NEVERTHELESS! Lovely blog Stevey. And tell Max and everyone that I miss them. I’ve been incredibly busy and I have finals and stuff, so yep.

    Days remaining ’till I graduate: 3.

    Hell yes.

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