Life of a Sniper: C2: Impulse

Hey guys, I’ll be drifting more into an actual plot later in my poem/stories, so don’t worry about that, I’m also trying to create more dramatic writing. Rate and enjoy
Chapter 2: Impulse

as if you are the
only one in the
world. Nobody to care
for you, to love you.
Just, yourself, and
your target.

top of the world, a
momentary high,
a lapse in reality,
take it upon yourself.

gonna die, says
the ghosts of your past,
haunting you for what
you do, create no space for
their intrusion.

yourself, focus,
Curtain Call. No
one to trouble you, except..

control has no meaning,
you are the Impulse,
your trigger is the impulse,
your Bullet is the Impulse,
Act on your own impulse
a space between you and
others, don’t think
about life, love,
whatever foolish
intents you have.

a professional killer
for hire, an Ex-Military,
a Hitman.
No need for you in the world.

what you believe,
care for your world,
don’ let it collapse,
It’s all you have.

is merely something
to pass the time with,
don’t get fooled,
realize that you do not
belong in this world.
Create Your own Reality

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