Well, I can’t get on MMOTMS this morning, even though it says it’s online, my ID is logged in or something.
Yesterday was pretty hectic in MMOTMS though. First I rebirthed ym shadower into a Warrior, then my sister started rushing me to do things.
Level 30:”When are you gonna be done”
Because of the 100000X exp, it was hard to descide what to do X_X. Jumped from level 40 to 122 in 10 minutes =P
Along the way I had to do some really time consuming stuff.
Sister:”How long are you gonna be now?!?!!”
At level 122 I went to get my level 120 armor and such, but then I didn’t advance to Hero because of my sisters Rushing me. DAVE, FIX THE SERVER, I CAN’T GET ON RIGHT NOW.
Well, besides the point, I play some Alone in The Dark on my Wii yesterday. It’s not as bad as everyone says. There are some funny lines in that game, as well as some “OH !@#$” Moments.
Funny line: A zombie lady starts talking to you.
“I don’t have your stone, but !@#$ YOU ANYWAY!”
I nearly fell out of my chair DD

An “OH !@#$” Moment.
You’re trying to hotwire a car, and all of a sudden a zombie grabs you out of the freaking windows, and starts kicking your ass.

Well, I’m done for now.


9 thoughts on “Gar.”

  1. You can’t force David to fix the server.
    Sorry, you just can’t do that.
    If you didn’t log out before the server closed, you will be stuck until the next shutdown.
    Happened to me too D:

  2. I didn’t even know it was shutdown time, I logged on for like 15 seconds and got booted from the server.

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