Note to self: Write a blog 3 months after the last one and expect to return a hero! Heroes get stuff thrown at them like syrup, refrigerators, hopefully really expensive stuff, and a new Sony
wide-screen television!
ZOMG! The blog is starting? ! I don’t have my make-up on yet! *puts on bucket and cape*
Crap, the garage door isn’t working again! I’ll have to use my blog-blades! T.T
What I need a password to wear these? ! ? ! Well, now that’s just crazy!
But then again thiiis iiiiisssssss
MMOTALES!*attempts to sound SNLy**not Spartany, mind you*

A Proper Beginning for a Proper Blog!

We-he-he-ell! Good to be back! Great to be back! Actually awesome to be back! Ahh, who am I kidding! IT’S SUPER EXCELLENTLY UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL TO BE BACK!(Referring to rule 6-7b-34r in the lazydame rule book of wacky grammer, it states that one may have the choice of not using commas when all the words are capitalized, such as in the one above, and also can spell grammer with an ‘e’!)
So, what’s up doc? ! I trust you all fulfilled your promises and stopped history from happening while I was gone? !

Wow, you won’t believe how hard it was for me to write a beginning to this blog, but I’m glad I finally did it and it’s perfect too! *pretends that there are many amazing words up there that I didn’t write but the fat smile on my face of lies and deceit will hopefully not give me away* (next time let’s purchase an oxygen tank before attempting to say really long phrases!)

*Writes blog*
*Writes middle*
*Writes end*
Okay, bye, seeya next time!
~LaZzz. . .

(No major blank spaces were actually used to make this blog! Oh and just for the fun of it, no animals were hurt while making this blog, but some sandwiches and snacks were! > )

Well, we all know that is a joke and lets just save the annoying scrolling down because this will probably be super, amazingly, godly, a little noobly, astonishingly, amazingly, scientifically, 3 out of 4 doctors recommended, 10 pandas at a zoo, long blog!
Okay, if you didn’t get that(don’t be embarrassed, I have a degree in randomness so I don’t expect you to understand what I’m saying!) It was basically saying that this will be a huge blog! Like EPIC! “Lazydame’s Epic Blog”-.-

Post-it-panda: Also there shall be no photography in this blog, AT ALL!
I hate that my stupid pic button is broken! Believe me, there would be an enormous amount of pics in here if I could take them but unfortunately my one button to wreak havoc and destruction with is in-functionable!
(Real simply, that panda talks when I don’t want to get murdered by MMOTales!)

(Freaky music goes on: the one with the annoying screech that repeats and each sound lasts for about a second)
Presenting. . . .LE BLOG! (lol, sounds like I just puked!)

A Real Beginning!

[Mapletip]The skills that require mana points will not work if your MP bar is empty!
[Mapletip]These are the true-life experiences of a noob, not saying it’s lazydame but it is. . .
[Mapletip]If you wanna start a fire, go to aisle 5 of Walgreens!(hehe, hallmark card section!)

I’m assuming this blog will really be grand! So, I’m making a table of context. . . contechs. . .conchex. . .(expletive) WHY CAN’T I SAY CONTENTS! Ooh, there, I said it! Conchebs! Arrrg!
With all seriousness, I hope you enjoy the blog and just sit back and relax! You’re about to go on a magical journey! (Don’t worry, your chair’s not broken or anything)

1.Beginnings, beginnings, and uhh. . .beginnings!(thesaurus master 2000!)
2.The Really Long Beginning, Part 2!
3.The Golden Noob!
4.Era of the Foolishly Insane!
5.Turkey Lurkey in the Gardeny ready to Lazerey!
6.Sakura is meso, but meso is noob, so sakura is noob? !
7.Amazing Power of Laziness!
8.What kind of clever title shall I come up with now!
9.Lookee, a green slime! Nevermind, that’s my new F/P!
10.More Noobs! Noobs make the world go square!
11.I can’t come because I have wedding fever!Cake plox!
12.Can you scroll the scroll that scrolls? ! Scoirrel!
13.Let’s All Fall off the Edge of the World!
14.Magic Is Magical!
15.The Questinator!
16.Na No New Now Nu Ni Not!
17.I Can’t Believe it’s not lazy! But the end is Here!

1.Beginnings, beginnings, and uhh. . .beginnings!(thesaurus master 2000!)

LAZYDAME (2nd): Started September 18th, 2007!
Where we last left our heroes, or hero in this case, was at the beginning!(nice one, thesaurus master 2000!)
In the beginning, there was. . .(dramatic pause) noob! Noob made dorito chips! (who cares about fire!) Noob lived happily ever after! Yay, noob!

Anyway, I trained lazydame up really fast, as would be expected, and soon enough I reached level 20!
This is where I decided to buy my first real warrior equips! I kept my sandals though! XD
My friend, happily(or drunkenly), willingly gave me his 4 attack white gloves for rent, which I gladly accepted(stole) and equipped! I was now stronger than a -a -a snail!
You may think 4 attack is not much but scrolls are super expensive. It costs a lot to even 100% one all the way!
With the white gloves I was invincible; my attack rose greatly!

As my attack rose so did my fame and mesos! Gradually I made my way to acquiring 11 million mesos! Lol, don’t really remember how but there were many lucky scrolls I was awarded with! I sold most of the scrolls I came to attain! A mistake I had made before on my old main was actually using the scrolls! You should have been there! Previously, I had used all my scrolls from quests at level 35 and since I was nooby I used all of them at once! Let’s just say there was a shower of black sparks raining down from the sky! In addition, starting off with 7 million mesos makes it less complicated to get to 11 mil!

My inspiration to level: “A level per day keeps the balrogs away!”~the unfamous lazydame

2.The Really Long Beginning, Part 2!

This blog would definitely (you don’t even want to ask how long it took me to spell “definitely” correctly) make a great musical!

Grinding proceeded on! My treasures I found were extraordinary! Once 3 boots (exactly the same) kept dropping for me! It’s like they were begging for me to wear them! I gave them a good excuse though, ”I don’t like adidas!”

As a noob I got to exploit the world! I was a pro trapped in a noob body! (A gorgeous body, if I may add! Oh gawd! I’m becoming the next Cheeze! D: Uhh I have average looks!(60 str, 40 dex, 45 luk XD ! ))

Eventually, I became strong enough to take on the KPQ! Many weird things, I saw and many weird things, I dreamed!
Lol, this time around, I learned to hate KPQ! It was just too noob for me to handle! ! ! Lol, I actually came upon a level 8 beginner with NX! That made me laugh!

Some KPQ highlights:
-Got in a ton! A ton! A ton! I would consider myself one of the “better” clickers out there!
-Actually had a challenging battle with someone to get in! He whispered me that he had gotten in, so then I waited! He actually managed to rush on me which was super amazing! Then my RL friend who is also very godly at clicking attempted to get in! He gets in! -.- The guy had spawned at the farthest point of the map! A few pq’s later, I decided to try and get in again! I gained my self-respect back and got in on him!
-Once I logged into the game, and just had a random face war with someone! It was really random and we just kept making faces at each other non-stop for about 3 straight minutes! Then we just both walked away! Not ONE word was EVER exchanged between us! It has nothing to do with KPQ but it’s a great story!
-Partied with a beginner! I out-damaged him! -.-
-GTFO=Go There For Oysters!
I found it really strange and wondered why people were always constantly telling me to do this!

2nd job finally arrived and I morphed into a fighter! Yah, quest=mucho facil! Now this is the part where everyone reading this blog, suddenly breaks down and gets funky! Disco Party! OMG, the geese police are here! EVERYONE, RUN! Wait, don’t I have a special power over my blog? ! Like I dominate it? ! I do? ! Okay, RANDOM FIERY WALL OF DESTRUCTION! DO NOT LET THESE GEESE PASS!

Post-it-panda: Excessive dancing may cause an urge to read this blog to the finish!

3.The Golden Noob!

No, it is not a trophy, although I do wish it was the name of a chocolate bar! Think of the sort of stats that would have! ! !

This is the part or era of maple where you have to slowly march through the levels and get to level 35!
Which isn’t really that hard, but I did trip a couple of times and fall off the Eos Tower!

This is also the part where an imprint of drum bunnies gets stuck in your head and it keeps on bashing and bashing of what little you have left of your brain! Somehow, this bashing works to keep you going! You just want to destroy every little drumming something somethings!

How did I get from level 30 to 35? ! Quests! Many days and night were spent on these “little chores” which are probably impossible to accomplish in real life (believe me, I tried!), and in some miraculous way came out alive and got through them!

Am I like the only one who actually does these “impossible” quests? ! I like quests! I prefer to think of them as giving a point to training!

During these times of need I met up with a bunch of friends! I just hung around with them in the FM!(Funny Market!) Even played tag with one buddy! One thing I would really like to tell you about this blog:
It’s -one of those not so straight-forward answers but it makes some sort of sense but in reality nobody truthfully gets it, they just go along with everyone else- sort of secret!
(Enough parenthi for youse guys? ! Eat up!)

Well, here it is!
Collect Mesos! Yes! Nah! Lol, I find that being a nice person and screwing around in the game make this such an awesome waste of time!
Now, when I play, I’ll say “hi” to random people and do whatever the hellz I wantz!
Some examples of my clever deeds include:
-A free vacation for two noobs including all the mesos you need!
-I always enjoy a nice chat with a KS’er, people find it really weird when someone is OMGHOLYBBQSANDWICH9.99ATSUBWAYANDFREEDRINK acting NICE!
-I charga mah laza and eat teh pazta!
-I give noobs a big amount of money if they fame me!
-Z iz for Zelephone!

4.Era of the Foolishly Insane!

Drama! Drama! No way, pretty mama!

A number meaning many things!
A number with an un-crackable soul!
One thing it does crack though is monsters out of their shells! HAHAHA!

Level 35! Another great number!
Connect the Legos (I always end up getting something really different then what the box picture suggests! Once, I got an elephant when I was supposedly making a hummingbird!) And you get me hitting 1000 damage at level 35!

5.Turkey Lurkey in the Gardeny ready to Lazerey!

Small hint: Do not, I repeat, try to stuff a Balrog! If you think they need therapy now, you don’t wanna be there when you stuff a balrog with stuffing! It’s like a turkey fighting a cheetah!(I hope they come out with this pet soon! I weally wants it!)

Post-it-panda: In this case, the turkey would win! And the turkey doesn’t refer to lazydame! ! !

It was back to Vic for the thanksgiving Festivities!

Let’s see!
-I got a ton of those magic pot things dropping from turkeys and gave them to my mage friend who I also loaned 7 mil! Let him keep 2 mil! And positively sure that he’s probably still poor! Update: He got banned! Although he has a sin now that is rich!

-I aided in the fight against evil turkeys with lasers on their back!

-Lol, isn’t it great how almost everyone flocks to Vic Island for these noob quests! You won’t believe how many pros start popping up and taking a break from the deep sea of pro-ness! It’s a noob’s favorite time of year! (It’s also a noob-eat-noob sort of world! XD)

-Many things happened but they were not significant enough so I forgot about them! NANANANANANA!

On the day of Thanksgiving:
What did I do? ! I ate turkey and then headed on over to sakuras with a full belly! It was a pretty normal day! But, BAM! Tranziiisshiion!

6.Sakura is meso, but meso is noob, so sakura is noob? !

I zipped on over to sakuras to get some moneys! Instead I got two zards! THAT WAS NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR AND I WAS PI. . .piggy! Happy like a piggy! So I ended up getting over 500k and finally learned the secret of life! 500k>noob! I scrolled the above average zard with many 100% scrolls and by many I mean all and by 100% I mean I fail and by failing I mean I got a 69 atk zard, and I didn’t notice that I had a sexy sword until just now while I was or am still writing this very huge run-on sentence and since I can’t seem to press the period key on the keyboard I don’t know how long this chaos shall go on! Mwuhaha! I can press the exclamation mark though!

: : :Teleportation to the Future!: : :
Yes, colons DO make you forward in time to the future!
So, now I go into recent happenings because I feel there shall be no way to incorporate this into a future part of this very delicious blog!

*Takes sneak peek at the completed blog* *goes back in time again* *destroys time machine* *finally figures out I could have just posted the future blog and not have to write out the rest of this*

Wait, I just found where I could put this in my blog, and I should erase this part but I shall keep true to my name! Lazinus Sitonus Coucheezy the 5th!

Let’s just say I train here for a very important reason in the future! Ahaha! The suspense shall kill you!

Post-it-panda: Please don’t die before you finish reading this blog! Thank you!

7.Amazing Power of Laziness!

Here are some awesome tidbits or feats by me! Me! ME! Boom!

-Hit a record of drops for me, got 5 in a day! Two of them dropping seconds apart from each other! Picked up my luckiest item which was a level 60 axe! Yeah, I haven’t found much godly stuffssss! Oh and I hate finding mage equips now, partly because I must send them to my f/p mage!

-I have *hiccup, choke, barf, almost dies* had a level 100 friend in maple! He got banned for trying to purchase a z-helm! Yeah, there are like a billion other people buying z-helms, yet he was probably one out of a million to get banned! Luckily, he had a level 80 sin which he had been training, so there’s hope for the future! I really admire this guy, he gets screwed by nexon three times and he’s still aiming for fourth job!

-On some day I can’t remember, I began my scrolling! And, oh did I get unlucky but then I got luck like a fish that finds water in the ocean! I used three 30%’s(lol, I was gonna say red scrolls XD!) on a red whitebottom shoe before one worked! I did buy a new shoe each time!

-Pandas have shoes!

Post-it-panda-with-shoes: It’s true!

– :< , I created a new face! Presenting guy with mustache!

– 11 mil to 6 mil to 8 mil is what the numbers on the meso bar kept changing to! That’s the way you make money! By eating meso! The max amount of money I’ve ever had on a character is 12.7 mil according to now! Although, I shall not see that kind of money for a long time! A long, long, long, long, long, long time!

8.What kind of clever title shall I come up with now!

I think, or know, or have no idea that I have to put some info here about what happens in between the last part and the next part! Just so you guys aren’t AS confused! There really is no way to explain this in MMOTALER terms, so I’ll just say the word, “Turtle cupcakes”!

To me it seems, that I went LPQ’ing for awhile! During my whole time on this new character(lazydame!) I have been leader 99% of the time! I acquired a shield scroll from a generous and grateful person in pq. Also suicided on stage 6 just because! And also can hit Alishar now! You have been pwned! Have a good day!

Stalking a level 114 mage in aqua and buying an 85/5(str) lionfang for 7 million mesos was another wacky fun time task I did! My thoughts on the price on the lionfang is that I think it was a nice deal! Now, the word nice means that I got a godly sword and maybe might have overpayed a tiny bit but no one cares! Plus, I heard the price on sword scrolls are rising so that’s great! I’ll make a profit (hopefully) from the sword! Can’t wait for level 50!

9.Lookee, a green slime! Nevermind, that’s my new F/P!

Destroy this trespasser! This fiend shall be stopped and eliminated! Or at least mildly seasoned with a drop of syrup added to it!

Guess what I did! -.- For you dumb fools out there, I made a new character! If you were one of these ‘fools’ perhaps you might purchase my new invention, “Brain Storage Center”! The way it works is we install an extra storage slot in your brain for you to store information in! Let’s say you’re at a pleasant little tea party and a subject you know nothing about comes up! Well, never fear! Just slice open your head in front of everyone and show them your mini filing system installed right into your head! (Warning: Slicing open your head could cause death, does not give back rubs, information is deleted constantly since you suck! Only 100000000 mesos and a pineapple!)

What were we talking about again?
*checks section 2-a*
Oh right, I made a new character! I did? ! *checks section 4-c* Not available? ! I want my pineapple back! I didn’t need it anyway! But you guys do, so get yours right this minute!*cough*ganzicus!*cough*

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have made a F/p mage and am here, so get used to it! Say hello to my little friend, Firoxion! Lol, all maplers’ characters are little!

Well, me and my friend decided on starting a character together! We live right next door so it was a brilliant plan! As soon as we made “the unspeakable abomination” we proceeded to our nearest 7-11 which is only two blocks away! This saves me like 30 minutes from where I used to go! We each pitched in $10 for a total of. . .anyone got it? ! Ganzicus, look in your Brain storage system plox!

We quickly ran home and began the percentage gaining! It went by really quick! It’s awesome because if someone gets bored then we just switch! So, getting to 1st job was really simple! And then we used the NX!

A hair style change, a hair color change. . .
Things that sparkle!
A-a-an eye color change, a transparent hat
Things that sleep!
Green rockstar hair, redeyes, the eyes everyone has(Face 4, I thinks)
Things that can be bought with NX!
Yes yes yes! ! ! !*does a tiny little dance first performed in 1893 by a cool gang of beavers!*
Donny Osmond: Unfortunately, the time hasn’t started yet!
Noob: *loads a shotgun* Let’s see you time this! ! ! Arrrgggg! ! !

Soon, Firoxion became a mage killing machine!(He’s a mage that kills, he doesn’t kill mages though! XD) Lol, I didn’t actually think that Magic Guard worked! It’s confusing how they don’t show you the real amount of damage you take!

Right now, we are at level 26 after only a month! We started KPQ’ing a while ago but I have just begun grinding, since it’s way easier anyway! We also have this crappy white overall on right now which looks ugly! Need two more levels! Black looks awesome on us! And we get tons of fame for our hair! But as of now, my friend has stopped training on him since he can’t play Maple until he gets his new computer and I’m training my warrior fiercely!

I is excited!

10.More Noobs! Noobs make the world go square!

Closer and closer we move to the edge; when we shall fall, I don’t know! As this blog inches gradually on, the boredom starts to close in on us and grip us with its strong bear hug!
Wake up call!

“Come on, let’s go HPQ!”
“Sure, why not!”
“I fell in a hole!”
“Sure, why not!”

That’s the sweet sound of my strength bandit! He is teh loopydame! Ruler of teh loopies!
One thing, you may or may not have noticed is that I completely started over in maplestory, I played for a whole year and then commenced again! I deleted all my previous characters and re-started in Maple and this guy is the replacement of my old sin!

The chain of events happened like this: I re-started my warrior for major screwed upedness! Then I decided it would be better to move my assassin and bandit to scania, they’re like a package so they had to move together! I had the motivation to level my bandit but my assassin has not even been on yet! I’m thinking of forming it into a dexless assassin! I know that some of you hate this out there but I’m just playing in a different viewpoint and am not gonna play a lot anyway on that character so why not? !

Well, I have made it to level 19 on my bandit! This is how!

-HPQ’s!(which I randomly click into with no track!)
-Yay, two buddies came and HPQ’d with me! Daggeralloy, whom you all should know and bowcowII who is in my guild!


-In a HPQ, I think anyone can accomplish it with a good and cooperative team! I had parties of lvl 2x’s and 1x’s where the 1x’s parties were sometimes better than the 2x parties!

-Daggeralloy is godly! All hail Daggeralloy!

Post-it-panda: On a side-note, lazydame went to a map where the monsters kept popping off the map and disappearing! They were like bubbles! And it was HIIIIIII-larious!

11.I can’t come because I have wedding fever!Cake plox!

Ask yourself, do you DARE eat a pizza while the bride walks down the aisle? ! Well, do ya? ! ? !

Since last I blogged, there have been many, many, many weddings!
Geeze, I seriously thought I would never even be invited to ONE!
In a, world, of cake, there, must, be, weddings! , , ,
Where did these extra commas come from! ? From those boxes? ! Save those for Judgment Day! Geeze! ( ( (Hi, Mr Parenthesis!) ) )

So, let’s see the highlights!
-In an amazing last second dive the bride caught the football while smashing face-first into a huge wedding cake! Wait, not those kind of highlights!

-I went to my randomest and craziest friend’s wedding! XorangeyX! That guy is super cool! I probably gave him a lot of pink elixirs like I always give to people! We’ve known each other since our nooby times!

-My friend in RL got remarried in maple! I happened to have a really godly above average claw for him so I gave it to him along with pink elixirs! And I gave his soon-to-be again married wife some stuff! Yeah, they only re-married because she wanted a different ring! XD

-I missed my friend’s wedding! My highest leveled friend’s wedding! But I did give him a lot of stuff including pink elixirs!

-Lol at my obsession with pink elixirs! I think it started when I got 100 of them in LPQ once! I don’t know why I save them! I guess for later! I could sell for almost 1.5 million!

-A pig defiled the cake! The pig was slain! Wow, this sounds exactly like a Dr. Suess book!

12.Can you scroll the scroll that scrolls? ! Scoirrel!

I hath done it!
I hath made made the shoes!
I hath altho thtuck tape on my mouth!

Now, listen up children because it’s time for a story!
Cheezy, plox jump down from that very high shelf right this second! *splat*
Ganzicus, plox throw your scissors up in the air now! *splat*
Blacknazgul, plox stop working intensely on that chapter and being smarter than me! *splat*
Dee(numbers), plox stop eating the jar of coins! *splat*
AznxKnife, plox eat your vegetables! *splat*

First scroll-lights up as if nothing happened!
Second scroll-lights up as if nothing happened!
Third-Omg, you pro, scroll worked!
I used three 30%’s on it before one worked on the shoes! Then I 60% it all the way to the last slot on channel 15 fm entrance! Now, it’s plus 5! All the scrolls worked which I think people call that a ‘Yahtzee!’ and now I have 14 speed shoes! 4 away from perfect! Some things money can’t buy, but for red whitebottom shoes, there’s mastercard! I actually had to keep earning money for the scrolls because I ran out! So, you remember me having 12.7 million mesos? ! I miss that money!

On with the scrolling experience!
I decided to finish scrolling the shield with def scrolls! Here was the twist though, I scrolled it with two 60’s which I think worked and then there was no more scrolls I could find! I was horrified but then a friend came to the rescue! He had 70% scrolls and I was at first sort of cautious because I didn’t want the shield to break! The reason for scrolling it in the first place was that another friend had promised me to give me that lvl 45 1hd sword and scrolls for it! But he was strangely gone! (Later, I found out he had been banned!) So, now he had warped my mind to believe that I should get the sword since I would have more damage! But since he was gone, I was going to have to buy my own sword and scrolls! (I needed scrolls because then other wise the sword would be weaker than my zard!) It was also appealing to me because I wanted something new from this same old leveling and re-doing everything! So, I decided to let the scrolls decide! Lol, irony kicked in and this is what occurred! The three scrolls failed but none destroyed the shield, so I ended up with a crappy un-sellable shield and it hadn’t made the choice for me! But I just chose not to do it because I would have had to waste a lot of money and for five levels it wasn’t really worth it! Wow, that was lengthy and actually story-ish! Aww, but now there’s this long paragraph in the middle of all the choppy ones! I need a knife to chop it up into eency meency bitty pieces!

I had one scroll from pq and one glove I spent like 30 minutes to make!
I used the scroll, it failed! I’m not one who likes to start of on the wrong foot! And that is probably one of the best scrolling tips you’ll get out there! If one scroll doesn’t work, screw it because you’re wasting your time! That’s my $6.79 into this!

Most recently, I finished scrolling my blue bone helm! For some reason lots of people like the hat a lot! I love that I actually got it from a random trade a very long time ago at the Teddy Bear place in Ludi! It was like 300k which was pretty cheap! Lol, I just realized that I got a lot of interesting stories behind my equips! Okay, so I 60%’d it all the way with def scrolls and ended up with 54 def! Which means that 6 scrolls worked! Yay! I’m lucky!

13.Let’s All Fall off the Edge of the World!

And into a tornado of Brightness!
What? ! Why? ! Me and my friend made a guild called “Brightness” and this is why I put the crappy pun there to scare you all? ! Yes! How did you figure it out MMOTALEs! HOW! ! !
MMOTALEs: Well, I saw it in a movie once!
Me: Orly? !
MMOTALEs: Now, ask me about the small ‘S’!
Me: NEBAR! ! !

I donated like 279k to make the guild and we got an emblem! I came up with the name! Yeah, it might not be great but it’s one of those cool one word guilds! Lol, everytime I leave it the guild always becomes a bit empty! While I’m there the guild fills up! I’ve been absent from it for like two weeks so it must have fallen off the edge of the world by now!

Ooh, I did a GPQ with my friend! Lol, took like 45 minutes to organize everyone and get people there! GPQ’s are always cool though! Couldn’t stay for the bonus though! T.T

14.Magic Is Magical!

Once in a while a bit of magic happens! So you gotta take a bat and kill it!

Post-it-panda: Nope, it’s actually the opposite, lazydame! You nurture the magic!

*restrains self from unleashing awesome ninja powers on panda* You’re lucky I still need you!

By magic, I’m talking about PQ clicky magic! I was missing a lot before this so I thought I had lost my super powers but then one day it came back! I leveled Firoxion in one night from level 24 to 26 and I got in a ton LPQ’ing on the fighter! LPQ is the worst pq ever and I don’t trust anyone else to be leader! I’d rather be the one who fails to get in and blame myself for wasting my own time!

Magic sparkled in the air one night, as a wonderfully surprising event happened! Two old friends from the past went on again! So they’re back and it’s super cool and I can finally breath fresh air again! (I’ve been breathing rocks for the past 5 months! 0.o!) (Omg, goggleman is back too! Hi goggleman!) (See, it pays off to read all of my blogs, cause sometimes vague references are made from older ones! Now, quick, jump into the water!)

15.The Questinator!

Go left!
Take a right!
Go left!
Take a right!
“You are terminated!”

Lucky you! You just experienced 1/19600830th of my grinding procedure!

Through the levels of 35 to 45 you get a ton and ton of quests! Or at least I did! I went on a quest spree! Lol, I had like 50-60 quests on my list to do! And now I only have like 20 left!

I tackled most of the annoying Omega quests in that boring and very boring and boring and ultra boring. . . Zzzzz. . .

– – -ERROR- – – –
_ _ 120 hours of work successfully deleted, have a nice day!_ _

Post-it-panda: raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwrrrrrrr!

Geeze, chill, panda! At least I memorized it all and was able to re-write it!
Speaking about the number 120, I did venture into Leafre! Accidently paid 80k when I had the ticket that Grendel gave me! ! ! It turns out it WAS a glitch! Oh and since I’m on the subject, I can survive the hit of a crimson balrog!

Speaking about balrog, I solo’d a Goblin King! Got a couple of foods, and by a couple I define that as one and went to the map and easily took one down! Wow, I never even knew these monsters existed! So, I was pretty shocked when I heard about it!

I rushed through the penguin quest in Orbis, which was way easier and I had a good time catching up with the penguins! We talked for a long time over a cup of tea! Panda was sort of jealous! He doesn’t like house guests, even though I keep telling him he’s just a figment of my imagination!

In addition, I chased down Bob the Snail, or shall I say I slowed down and waited for the snail to get to me? ! Snails really need to learn what a SUBWAY is or a CAR is! I wonder why there aren’t giant snail pets in the game! We have mini kargos and mini balrogs and mini yetis, so why not huge destructive snails? ! WHY ? ! ? !

Whenever there’s a banana around there’s bound to be a monkey near by, or a dead one! Turns out there were 2300 zombie lupins around! And turns out I had to get about 2300 cursed dolls! I asked kindly for them, but then it became violent and I’m not gonna explain it all! Let’s just say there were about 10,000 of them and only one of me!

16.Na No New Now Nu Ni Not!

If you have read this far you can now take a break! What do you mean you took a ton of breaks before? ! When your in MY blog, you follow MY rules! Just for that no cookies! I was thinking of giving them out FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE to all of you but you have all broken my trust! I NEVER EVEN CONSIDER GIVING COOKIES! You missed out too! They were filled with healthy vegetables!

Well, I think I’ve wreaked enough havoc on here already! Hope this year I shall wreak more havoc!
Thanks everyone for making me feel at home on this site and just being the best community out there! YOU ROCK MMOTALES! You guys are more than just a community, I can say we’re all good friends! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME PEOPLE! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. . .ooh look a random piece of dirt on the ground!
*spills mountains and mountains of cookies out of unusually tiny bag*
Here’s all the cookies I stole from all of your blogzes!
Get ready for more blogs from me coming soon to an internet near you!

What a coincidence! I’m almost level 50 on my fighter!
This month is going to be awesome!
I finally arrived at level 48, which is my first never-before experienced level and I’m loving it! I possess over 3k hp, can hit 1.8k damage, have more fame than I had before, can hit 1k with FA and it’s 2 levels away from level 50! Level 50 has always been my first major goal so I am REALLY EXCITED!

Presently, I’m in a more poorer state, I finally agreed to spend money, what’s the point of having it if you’re not going to use it! Lol, and there’s nothing really big to save for especially since I’m not buying a z-helm!
I’ve been grinding at sakuras for hundreds of hours and so far earned about 1 mil after a week, not a full one yet though! Saving up for at least an 8 atk wg is the mission I’m taking on now! I thought it would zoom by way faster but it’s not so I’m going to move to Orbis to go train on straw dummies, they’re a good amount of money and great exp!

Here’s the best comeback EBAR for “CC PLZ”
I shall continue my quest for scrolling domination!

Okay, this is the end, bye!

I Can’t Believe it’s not lazy! But the end is Here!

I bet most of you always have this thought pop up into your minds!
If you’re lazy, then how come you write long blogs? ! Here’s a counter-attack!
How come the world doesn’t explode in one second? !

*lol, super nerd does a million math problems and answers, “because number 7 exists”!*

I must end this beautiful masterpiece!
Send it back to where it came from!
*pushes blog of cliff!*
Awwgggghh! It can fly!

Wow, technology these days, how can a blog be explosion resistant? !

*throws egg at blog!*
OMG, it’s got a defense system with guns! ! ! *runs!*

*stops time!*
Since I have stopped time, I have stopped blog!

Post-it-panda: THE END! *runs out of batteries and ironically explodes!*

Dead-post-it-panda: . . . .
Aww! Now, I’m in this alone!

*standing dumbly in front of MMOTALES crowd!*
Everyone turn around! *yanks blog out of monitor!*
Hehe! Well, I guess it’s FINALLY over!
*MMOTALES finds blog in very high tower full of dynamite and on a mountain with very bad weather and a long drop to the bottom where there are sharks, more dynamites, noobs, and pointy rocks at the bottom!*

If I can’t end the blog, then I must destroy the members of mmotales!
*destroys water tower and sets off bombs!*
*a big net flies out of nowhere and saves Ganzicus from dying!*
*Ganzicus re-creates all the profiles and resurrects the members of MMOTales and leads the site into the future!*

-5 years later:
Damian calls out for a taxi, and gratefully rushes out of the raindrops bombing him and into a taxi that has skidded to a halt in front of him! The many taxis behind the fortunate taxi form a triangle. “To the nearest walgreens plox!” He gets a response, “Right away sir! But first, meso plox!” In a flash of lightning, Damian leaps towards the handle of the door, but it is too late, the noob has locked him inside!

Many hours later, Damian is brutally yanked out of the car by a hand that he guesses belongs to the evil taxi driver a.k.a. noob! He cannot see because of the darkness that comes from having a blindfold on! He is forced along a distance and soon feels like he is heading up an incline! A bright heavenly light saves his eyes from the nothingness, as the cloth is untied and taken off his eyes! But the light, he figures out, is not a light that is there to rescue him, it is there to show him more horrible news!

“So we meet again!”
“B-b-blog, is that you,” Damian says with a quivery lip,”How have you been? ! Geeze, I haven’t seen you in 7 years! So, what have you been doing with your life? !”

He is met with a harsh reply,”Silence! No one said you could talk! And it’s been 5 years, wow, can’t you read!”

“Well, sorry, it’s just that you lose track of time with a blindfold on! Want some M&M’s? !”
“No, I do not want your candy of lies and deceptions!”
“Actually, it’s fat free and it’s the peanut kind!”

The blog, swiftly turns around and pulls out a gun! “This is for trying to end me!”

In a blazing sequence of events, Damian manages to head-butt the noob, knocking him out! He dives out of the way as a loud noise splits the air, and hurriedly gets up again! He tackles the blog and wrestles it for the gun! Snatching the gun from the blog, he suddenly gains control!

“It’s time for the credits to roll!” he says in a devilishly but really awesome tone just like any action hero as he speaks his famous tag line! Another loud bang shrieks into the air!

* *Blog breathes steadily but its breath begins to slow down!* *
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy my upcoming releases!
* *The last few breathes come out in quick, sharp bursts of air* *
BLOG: Remember me as a hero! Oh and read about my previous adventures!
* *Edges of the world fade away from the blog and everything becomes distant* *
* *a white light speeds into his eyesight cutting him off from the real world. . .* *
* *miracle medicine used* *
As Damian walks away from the chaotic situation that just went down, the battered blog painfully opens an eye! “I swear revenge!”
Damian: What? ! Hooray, you’re alive!
Blog: Sure, now where’s the punch? !
Damian: For what? !

~LaZzz. . .(*squeak* OMG IT LIVES!)(LALALALALALALALALA THE END!) (Mr. Comments is still alive, and shall be in the sequel!) ( ! )

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  1. Nah, I actually looked up how long Aliyah’s Blog was
    Her’s stretches out for 22 pages but it has a ton of pics
    And I’m pretty sure with pics I would have topped 25 pages because everyone knows I’m a pic-freak!

    Glad everyone enjoyed it!
    Looking forward to more comments and likes!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  2. Lazy, you can take pictures by pressing alt/ctrl + print screen and pasting into Paint or something. It’s a little annoying, but at least you’ll have PNG pictures. :D

  3. Just get Fraps.
    The free version can only save in BMP though. But you can pretty easily just open them all up in Paint and Save As -> whatever type you want.

  4. *wakes up* huh? its over? how long was I asleep?
    [/] still, it was beautiful [/edit]


  5. Longest blog that wasn’t spam

    *continues reading*

    I’m only at the table of contents so far >.<

  6. Thanks for all the compliments everyone!
    For the Nazgul [ header ] No spaces [ / header ]
    Yeah, you actually have to write that out now!
    Oh and probably not the longest blog
    Not including blogs with spam or like 10 chapters of a story shoved in one blog this is probably on the top 5
    I don’t think Silver ever made a huge blog
    But I think this is shorter than Aliyah’s long blog!
    Lol at Ganzicus!
    Yeah, consider this as making up for lost time
    I hadn’t posted a blog for like 3 months I think
    ~LaZzz. . .

  7. -skims through-

    Hey, if I actually read every word, I’d have less time for other… stuff.

  8. -read the whole frakken thing except a few sentences-

    -copied sentences htat made me laugh into notepad-

    (A gorgeous body, if I may add! Oh gawd! I’m becoming

    the next Cheeze! D:


    -GTFO=Go There For Oysters!
    I found it really strange and wondered why people were
    always constantly telling me to do this!


    Connect the Legos (I always end up getting something
    really different then what the box picture suggests! Once, I
    got an elephant when I was supposedly making a


    (It’s also a noob-eat-noob sort of world! XD)


    Turtle cupcakes

    epic word x3

    More Noobs! Noobs make the world go square!

    OMG! -uses the quadratic equation to solve the world’s problem. get it?!

    -In an amazing last second dive the bride caught the
    football while smashing face-first into a huge wedding
    cake! Wait, not those kind of highlights!


    Cheezy, plox jump down from that very high shelf right
    this second! *splat*
    Ganzicus, plox throw your scissors up in the air now!
    Blacknazgul, plox stop working intensely on that chapter
    and being smarter than me! *splat*
    Dee(numbers), plox stop eating the jar of coins! *splat*
    AznxKnife, plox eat your vegetables! *splat*

    eats sum mroe coins

    I wonder why there aren’t giant snail pets in the game! We
    have mini kargos and mini balrogs and mini yetis, so why
    not huge destructive snails? ! WHY ? ! ? !

    OMG id so pay $20 for a Bob the Snail pet D;

    Here’s the best comeback EBAR for “CC PLZ”
    “OK PLOX”

    lulz -is gonna use it

    If you’re lazy, then how come you write long blogs? !
    Here’s a counter-attack!
    How come the world doesn’t explode in one second? !

    *lol, super nerd does million math prblems and answers, “because number 7 exists”!*


    all in all,

    GRATZ ON ALL UR LEVELS DAMIAN! =D and wow htis is a blog of epic proportions!


    [EDIT] wow this comment is longer than some blogs! XD


  9. Okay, So, by the time I finished reading this, 3 more likes and 3 more comments, O.o .

    Dang, I’ll never write such a long blog in my LIFE.

  10. Zomg.
    How long did it take you to type this thing O_O
    lol@”Write a blog 3 months after the last one and expect to return a hero!”
    I didn’t write a blog for more than a year, what’ll I become =P

    -giggles in corner-

  11. Wow, last time I looked here there was 4 likes and I come back like 2 hours later and I have 9 likes and a ton more comments!
    I’m actually surprised that at least 9 people managed to read it in such a short time!
    Thanks for the nice comments!
    Oh and dee, I’m pretty sure there’s like a billion funny lines in here!
    Well, at least I think so. . .

    ~LaZzz. . .

  12. Fraps doesn’t work for me either
    It turns to a white number one
    Yeah I know you could do the print-screen thing though, which is what I did
    But too bad you can’t take multiple pictures at once
    Well, maybe I can find some other picture program

    ~LaZzz. . .

  13. LOL there is but i cant copt bhtem all itd make the blog page even longer so i shortened it to things that made me laugh really loud or really long!

    and wow it seems even longer htan it did last night! =OO



  14. THAT WAS NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR AND I WAS PI. . .piggy! Happy like a piggy!

    Pure gold.

  15. Hmm, A lot of that doesn’t make sense. I got lost after he started talking about the fire mage.

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