[LZ]Lazy Iz Not Lazy!

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12 atk wg-50 mesos,
A White Pot-Impossible for a noob to buy,
Screaming like an irrelevant retard to get some mesos: Brilliant, I mean Priceless!
Some things money can’t buy but for other things there’s gachapon!

Commercial dude: No, I’m not gonna say that!
Me: Say it or I’ll kill you!
Commercial dude: But I already said those outrageous prices up top!
Me: Say it and I’ll give you a marshmallow!
Commercial dude: Fine!

Walking into a lazydame blog: Screw this, I’m not saying that, walking into a lazydame blog, stupidest decision you ever made!
Me:Well, now all you readers get cupcakes! And tuna! But none for you Mr. Lazydame is not teh godliest ebar!
Commercial dude: I want tuna! T.T

OMG! I got pictures!
Zakum says Hi!
The Godliest Noob Ebar!
Say goodbye to your precious little foods!
Lol, ironic how the first pic has the word “hi” in it and the last pic has the word “bye” in the little thinga majig I wrote!

Something Godly is coming! But first a brief catch up on what I have done! What I’ve Done! I face myself! Oops, lol, put that in there so I can trick the Nazgul into liking the blog!
!SIHTEKILLUGZAN (you’ll nebar figure it out! Teh godly secret message!)

STD Craziness


Yeah, that’s me! So you better watch out! *starts throwing words at people*

I finally made it past the level of ummmmm death? The level I quit my old fighter was lvl 47 so I made it past!
I went to STD’s and there I discovered a most ickisome thing! They were straw dummies! They were UGLY STRAW DUMMIES! I was pretty disappointed! Because I was disappointed I wanted to kill every last one, but unfortunately they kept coming back!

For the many hours I trained there I never did find an equip in the beginning
But fear not, for after I found 3 pants of the same kind! Wow, I just realized right at this very second that I had found 3 pairs of boots before that were the same too! Holy crap, I’m gonna find 3 similar shirts in the future!


Where is the party?
It’s at level 50!
Yeah that makes no sense but live with it!

I golemned to level 50! By the snails! It’s a miracle that the world didn’t fall apart when I became that level!
That fortune from the fortune cookie I got from the mysterious snail must have been wrong! I was a fool to pay 100 mil for that cookie! Although, the taste of the cookie was worth it!

Godly Lionfang possessing the stats of 85 atk(15+avg)and 5 str boosted my attack way high! 2.5k damage on a snail!

The Journey to Zakum, the party monster!

I have a strange feeling I’m repeating “party” too much! Oh well, it must be brain damage from throwing all that lava and also taking a bath in it! It’s a surprise that you can’t snowboard on lava! Snow is betta than lava!
(Oh and there is no lava in a lava lamp! Lies!)

Well, many of my friends have been making the 3rd job advancement! Almost all of my friends are more pro than me so they are WAY ahead of me!

Third job is a seductive mistress for it made me drag myself all the way from uhh somewhere I was before(forgot! XD) to El Nath to see my I/L mage friend make the 3rd job advancement! I showed up a bit too early! Me being the foolish fellow I pretend to be, took a trip down to the farther maps of the snowy place!

I didn’t find him and just happened to run out of return scrolls! (I actually had eaten them to be used as pots but that’s another story!) So I trudged back! I met two people from a guild training! They randomly added me! It was a pretty good guild but I already left! It was very enticing at first and seemed like an awesome guild! Even comparable to my last guild which I loved and left! Although I can’t remember the name of it! XD Lol, I think I might just enjoy guilds that have a fighter as the master of the guild!

I glimpsed, no I actually completely missed it because I was standing at the top! After blurting out the necessary congratz, I made my exit! I went back to where the two were training! Then we spontaneously decided to explore and go as far as zombies! So we started! We lost the fighter on the way and it was me and the bandit! It was sort of strange at first because I had been mostly conversing with the fighter at first but I played it smooth and then we were both continuing to our chosen destination! He left soon afterward and I traveled further into the cave of zakum! Lol, so yeah I just blazed through the place real fast! It’s funny how at one moment there are brown dog-like creatures that damage 500 and then right away it goes to 1.4k damage when the orange dog-bears show up!

Outrageously Hysterical Herbtown

Wow, this city is so funny! Just think about it for a second!
Hobo Alligators, walking jar (which is the plural form just like fish is plural), vegetables hopped up on pancakes, fat pirates! I’m not even saying it’s funny just to say it! I think it’s funny!
I did some undercover work and discovered that there were frogs in the jar!(plural! XD)

A quest where 400 jar must be destroyed gave me 7%! Unbelievable! This was at level 50, I shot to lvl 51 SOOOOO fast!

The Patience of a Thrown!

I was reminded by some sort of thought that smacked me straight in the face that I had a throne to quest for!
As some of you might now know, all the quests, excluding the halloween mansion ones, must be completed to be able to receive the thrown!

So, I patiently, killed the many elephants which are a pain since they have so much magic attack and so much pots must be wasted on them! Then a similar quest after of collecting rare maps that dropped!
Well, now what? Oh right the emo dude from another place quest dude! So I unhappily take the ships to ludi to finish the quest and then travel back! Wait, there’s a second part of the quest! Oh, wow, what a surprise, go all the way to ludi again! I did go there! Then after all that mess was sorted out I finally got back to NLC! What? You can’t just waltz in and get the chair! You must do one more quest to achieve the chair? Ooh bombers! I did the quest which many months ago would have been unbelievably easy but now so painful!

Noobs in trouble

Sorry guys I’m trying to make this short so you can get to the comic!

Okay, so I met a noob on the way up the orbis tower which I had to climb because I was fresh out of scrolls! I helped this noob down the tower even though I knew he would have a terrible time coming back up, but he insisted! I was his bodyguard and he was my little pet noob who looted! It wasted a lot of time but it’s okay! One of my qualities I want to keep as I become more pro is to always be nice to “noobs!”

Then I met a guy in Omega and I actually got some of my quests done while I was helping him! He was a lvl 44 bandit though so it wasn’t that bad!

New Pq, New Clicking domination!

New PQ’s have opened their doors to me!
The OPQ and the LMPQ!

I have learned the tricks and stages of OPQ!
It’s really difficult to find a party to do the full and FAIR way of the PQ but extremely easy to get in!
I can also hit papa pixie! Recently I just found out I could hit him with my main 2 handed sword too! Before I was using my maple soul singer which adds a ton of acc! Lol, I participated in some great races against the clock!
My first ever pq, we beat Papa Pixie 2 minutes before the clock ended but we couldn’t plant the seed in time!
Then the other times my party did beat the boss!

LMPQ! I think by now I do well in this PQ! It’s easy to get in and the cash flow is great!
Manuevering around is hard to learn at first but it gets easier!

As of now, in present time, I have decided to purchase a shop to make a bit of extra money!
I had extra NX leftover so I thought why not!
I also leveled Firoxion the fire/poison mage to level 30! Hoorah! Teleport FTW! I’m still learning the ways of Teleport and attacking at the same time! It’s hard to go backwards and attack at the same time! XD
Last server check my name was transformed to “Dazalus”
And I still miss lazydame but Dazalus is a new beginning on a new character! Now, I progress on to undiscovered territory!

OMG! Too much Godliness

Yes, the godliness up there must have tired you out!
But, there’s more!

Something so godly it’s too godly for noobly eyes!
Snow Way!
Enjoy teh godly comic!

I’ve babbled on! So now to end this attempt at a swell blog!
Farewell my mmotale readers!
*floats off into the sky*
*trips over sky*

Ahhhhhh! I suck at goodbyes!
*look a flying lizard in yogurt*

Ganzicus, is it worthy enough?
Cheezy, is it worthy enough?
This blog is worth $2.67 at Walgreens, but we all know how cheap they are over there! XD

Next time, you’re looking for a snowy blog full of snowy comics, you won’t get it!
Because I shall never make a blog that is exactly like this again!
Oh and I posted this like 4 days after my last blog!
That’s like a record for me!

Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye!
~LaZzz. . .(100% readers of my blog will read this and think the blog is over!)

Now it is!

Nah, not yet!
Okay now!

For sure now!
*gets knocked out by the snail flying out of the comic with the explosion!*

Snail: ~LaZzz. . .(Meow!)

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  1. I don’t play cabal! Too laggy!
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  2. But I use cables to use my internet. Btw, is your *insert sentence here*insert exclamation mark here* your style?


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  4. Wow, even your blogs for comics are long. Nice comic btw. Pretty background. 8D

  5. Wow, worst time ever to submit a comic
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  6. loooool

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    Lol, do you guys always make the voice in your head go up after reading a sentence?

    Uh and for the sigs, I tend to insert an extra comment in parenthesis after!”

    Yes, in fact I do!
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