Boo! Bwhahaha!

Wow… o.O Haven’t been on here in like, forever and a flippin half.
Here’s some updates!

Alleymon: Level 32 Sin and is bored so you should bother her (she also is lots different looking then when I last blogged)
AlleyWolf: has been training in Eos Tower and is also VERY bored since NO ONE IS EVER ON IN KHAINI ANYMORE!! D<
aaaand introducing!!!
MajWolfie a soon to be Bowman who resides with AlleyWolf in Khaini.

Alleymon’s pretty much my main of MS. T’is where my moolah and spiffy things stay. (by the way, if you’re looking for scrolls send me a PM, I don’t have many left, but that’s all I seemed to get on my last Gach explosion)
But, I got Lappy back up and connected to the internets so I could play some more. I just haven’t blogged in ages.

In “life” news. Winter break was fun. My little brother is awesome and best of all my dad, step-mom, and him are coming out for my graduation. I’m in my last trimester of school… o_O It’s scary. But I’ve already been accepted to college at the Art Institute of Cincinnati (not to be confused with the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati) so yay. Oh, and I’m starting a fish tank. XD Maybe… I have water, rocks, and driftwood at the moment. But no fishies. Lessee… Nothing else really.

You’re all awesome.
Like a opposum!
‘Cause opposums are awesome!

5 thoughts on “Boo! Bwhahaha!”

  1. Alleymon reminds me of the Spanish word for German. Alimon or something like that (pronounced the same).

  2. Hey!

    I haven’t seen you for a while

    I’m making a come back maybe 1-2 weeks from now, and I guess I’ll come and entertain you in Khaini

    Oh and, if you didn’t know already, my IGN is EXPBoost

  3. Cheeze- That’s awesome. *is a German fanatic*
    Ipod- I used to have a character in Broa, but I forgot all about it and ended up deleting it I think.
    Dest- w00t! Then I’ll be able to bother someone again. x)

  4. A fishtank with no fish.


    That’s like having cup noodles without the noodles.


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