Starting over.

I decided to restart my whole Maple experience.
I quit my Level 111 Ice/Lightning Intelligen3 and made a new character.
After about 20 minutes of deliberation I decided to make a Cleric.
Since I knew more or less what to do since I had my mage I kinda knew how to set it up to be fairly good.
I didn’t realise in the time I was gone that they totally revamped maple island.
After being lost there for about 20 minutes I finally became a mage.
And one thing occoured to me.
Being a noob again is freaking hard.
After 2 hours I only got to level 12.
Can’t complain though.
It’s going to be interesting starting over =D

5 thoughts on “Starting over.”

  1. LOL. Anyways, i had this problem too, i already have 3 characters, and in order, they are an Archer, Thief, and a Mage.

  2. I had way too many characters to keep track of– and I played them all equally.

    If I had stuck with one character instead of 12, my friends day I might have reached 4th job.

    Too bad I get bored easily 😐

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