My Day. o.o

Okay, so. Today I had my 8Th Grade class picture and it was pretty weird. Since I’m a new student at a new school in 8th grade, but besides that. I usually wear glasses and today, I don’t know why. But i took them off for the picture, Blinded by the flashes I got a head-ache. So i was struggling with an annoying headache from 12 in the afternoon til’ 4Ish. I also fell asleep also during class because of this….

I got yelled at by our Principal for falling asleep on her during her speech, rofl. Oh, and at the end of the school day. I told a friend of mine I had a headache and very..weird.. she brings tylenol with her… which seems pretty scared, lol. Sos he offers me some, but I was scared so I said no thanks. She told me she gets chronic head-aches.. so yeah.. weird average day I guess.

P.S: I’m a new user, Just wanted to test out Mmotales, I plan on writing some stories soon.

6 thoughts on “My Day. o.o”

  1. Hm, Sorry. I didn’t know this was the wrong section or whatever. Mind telling me where this kind of stuff is supposed to be?

  2. Reminds me of my 3rd grade picture. . .

    Boy were we a bunch of idiots.

    Welcome to MMOT


  3. :X Sorry, I was feeling rather cranky yesterday.

    Anyway, the point is, it’s MMOtales, your blogs have to be game related. Anything miscellaneous can go to the forum, or to myspace or what have you. Yep.

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