Arrow of Truth

Ok I know I haven’t been on for like 5 months but hey I’m back now =D ok to start this story off I’ve been hearing rumors about me and someone named Mudkip first of all I do not know who this guy is and second of all there is nothing going on between us thank you now please enjoy.

Chapter 6. Reborn of love

I stared into the darkness.

“Where am I?”


John and Kati appeared in front of me. I attempted to pull out an arrow but my body was paralyzed.

“Wha…What going on?” I thought to myself. I could merely watch John slaughter Kati.

“I couldn’t protect her…”

“Why…. Why am I so useless?” I asked as tears ran down my cheeks.

“Revenge… kill John for what he has done to your love one.” A shadowy figure appeared in front of me.

“Who… Who are you?”

“I am your soul”

“I am your power”

“Grant me your body and I shall grant you a power to kill the ones that hurt you.”

“…” I said nothing.

“Do you not wish to get revenge?”

“Do you not wish to give him the suffering he has put you in?”


“Excellent… Now we can be one” The shadowy figure entered my body. I woke up in a bed within the hospital. Kati was sitting next to me praying.


“Rodney! You’re awake!” She shouted as she hugged me. Tears dripped onto my face.

“You’re crying…”

“Sniff… That because you had me so worried”

“What happened?”

“Last thing I remember was John punching me in the stomach and the rest went blank”

“Well… After you fainted a strange figure shot John with a black arrow. Knowing he’s already injured John ran away. When I looked back to thank the figure it was gone.”

“I see…”

“Then I teleported you here”

“You did?”

“Heh Don’t underestimates my abilities” Kati said while sticking out her tongue. Seeing a opportunity I wrapped my arms around her and started leaning in. we closed our eyes and our lips met. As we kissed I felt all my sorrow melted away. I never want it to end.

“Don’t worry me anymore ok?” She told me.

“Ok…” I replied.

End of Chapter 6.

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  1. Lmao that last part. Somehow, someone sticking out her tongue doesn’t seem enticing at all .

    -=The Nazgul=-

  2. So rarely do I read a chapter backwards
    Not bad just make it a bit longer
    Lol, I really did read it backwards : P
    Please dont kiss me cause im sticking out my tongue!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  3. You know I see you’ve greatly improved otoutou
    Lol I’ll be active again when Its summer for me x, x’

    I might start up my Gunz story or leave it unfinished
    I’m writing another story who a really close friend of mine told me to write for her

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