Guild Hack

Oh dear. My guild got hacked in Maple Story T.T 15mil, down the drain. It seems that Bera got hit the hardest. All of my friends guilds got hacked. But what really gets to me is, the person that hacked my guild, was a person that I got to know, Roshinji – this is a confermed guild hacker. He STILL hasn’t been banned. Well, I’ve had my eye on a guild I want to join. Its called ‘Michigan’, and as you can guess, Im from Michigan I hope Roshinji feels happy about what he’s done. He broke apart a guild that was closer than peanut-butter and jelly – preferably grape jelly. I like to pull random stuff out of my pants. I know this guild hack thing happened a long time ago, but there are still scars that still havn’t been healed. Hehe, WINNERS got hacked. If you dont know, thats a guild that could hold up to 100 people – Expenciveness – And now people are saying avoid the FM and trading people. O.O I dont kno what trading people has to do with the guild hack. Anyone know? Well, this blog was really just to kill time at school – Boring class – Well, Im glad to have found this site and to have submit this blog. Until next time,

MMO Tales Member – Laura
Maple IGN – KilluaArith – Im kinda banned from Maple right now x_x So please dont buddy me

5 thoughts on “Guild Hack”

  1. Oooooh! Another female?

    Welcome to MMOT! It actually stands for Mental Monsters of Terrorism (that drink) ale(s). Yup.

    Careful now, there are a lot of crazy people in MMOT. Some of them aren’t even considered human . . .

    There’s Dest1, the evil molester.

    Dest2, the evil molester.
    Dest3, the evil molester.
    Dest4, the evil molester.

    *5 hours later*

    Dest999999, the evil molester,

    And me, the smexy molester.

    Also, longer blog pl0x0rz? Maybe 3 or 4 paragraphs? If you don’t, watch out you don’t get eaten.

  2. lolwtc froggy.

    KilluaArith said: “I like to pull random stuff out of my pants.”

    Hell Yeah.

  3. dee32693 said: “welcome to mmotales! =D

    howre u banned? o.O


    Bad grades in school x_x i gots a D+ in Science and im proud of it But i’ll be on soon

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