Saint Morning

As I mentioned earlier, i’m in Saint Morning most of the time now. The quests and training are really good so I think io’ll stay here for a long time. I was able to level up to level 25 on the Pumpkin things. And now with alot of STA i’m starting to train on these insects things that look sort of like giant scorpions. They are level 27-29 so i’ll be able to train on them for a long time.

Questing and training is all I do for the moment. As i’ve mentioned many times before I have a friend who is an assist whom I really like to train with.

I really look forward to weekends as a time to level up alot.

I just can’t wait for level 60 to finally come though.

5 thoughts on “Saint Morning”

  1. ^^; I couldn’t wait for lvl 60, or whatever level it was that you could do your job advancement, either.

    Then I quit. >.>

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