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Hello everyone,my name is Chris. I decided to make this account because my brother thought it might be a good idea.In case you were wondering my brothers online name is Nassanei.

You may have read in his blog that he decided to quit Maplestory due to a major glitch/hack that has been going on. I didn’t want to be the only one in the house who played so I decided to quit as well. My character was a level 48 Cleric who was named “PoshHypno”. His skills and stats were perfect, and level 48 was the highest I had ever gotten. I didn’t mind quitting though, it’s only a game.

Mike(Nassanei) was looking for a new game to play from Nexon but I was looking for something else. I was hoping to try something 3D and I found FlyFF. I had heard alot of good things about this game but also alot of bad. I decided to download this game because it’s the only game with player controlled flight.

I started playing early Sunday morning and now today(Tuesday) I’m on level 18. I chose to be a mercenary because I usually choos a magic/spellcaster type and I wanted to try something different. For now my goal is level 20 so that I can start flying around. I was surprised to find that you only go to choose your job on level 15. It works out very nicely though, and they alow you to redo your stats.

FlyFF so far is probably the best MMO i’ve ever played. Also my IGN is “Posh” on the server “Clockworks”. If anyone would like to add me, it would be greatly apriciated. My buddy list is empty=(.

9 thoughts on “About Myself”

  1. Heh

    Welcome to MMOT!

    I advise you DO NOT write blogs like me.

    No one reads them.

    And I wasn’t ONLY looking for something by NEXON.

    That is false info. I thought that that would be a nice place to look.

    I’ll be yur buddy in FlyFF ^.^

    Oh wait, what’s the point. . .


  2. AznRiceFan said: “I never realized how creepy FlyFF characters look. o_o”

    Me too

    Welcome to MMOTales anyways =)

  3. JK i love it
    the bad part is, leveling up is so, annoying and just watching other players flying makes you really pissed off

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