Starsign of Requiems:Ch.0 [ Prolougue]

[i]Starsign of Requiems Chapter 0 [ Prologue]

Awakening of a new world.[/i]

There was a world where everything that everyone wanted was a dream. This narrated world was dying.

In the island of Puerto Rico there was a small engineering group developing a program called “Maple Story.Revolution”;

however it was from success resources were small and the time spent on the project was great. It was a program

designed to change the whole world. It would change everything. Animals, sickness, plants, island, the Earth that was

once knew would be gone.

However the designers knew clear the risk that they were taking. For a world that was dying there was other hope but

activate the program. However it all began the day that the program was activated and everything went wrong.

The person in charge of activating it is Cierra. She was a person skilled in computers and witch-crafting with top skills and

in her studies she graduated from 2 universities at the age of 7.

“Time to initialize the program” Firmed, Cierra.

“Initializing” answered the engineer.



Loading Data







Loading Data confirmed

Confirming Date loaded


Uploading data from main server


“Status report!”

“Cierra, it’s uploading data from the main server; should I stop it?”

“No way, it isn’t supposed to do that. . . Get out of my way! I will handle this myself.”

Override process?


Please insert password for error 201


password confirmed

Action override







Action override complete


Uploading main server:Connection


Connecting to main server complete

Uploading data from main server complete

“What? This is impossible I stopped the action myself! What is happening?” Though Cierra

Continuing process

Program encountered problems with Main Server 01:Serene.Revolution

Proceeding to connect to Main Server 02:Ein.Lina.Revolution


Acceptance confirmed

Uploading Data from Main Server 02


Proceeding to connect with the server



Connection complete

Connection stable

Proceeding to delete Main Server 01:Serene.Revolution

Accept action?

Acceptance not confirmed

Please override or I will proceed to eliminate the server

“Dammit! What is happening? It’s like the program is alive!” Angrily screamed Cierra

Please insert override code:


Override code accepted:

Proceeding to eliminate Main Server 01:Serene.Revolution

“What is going on?” asked Cierra

The engineers were shocked beyond words and all their abilities could not stop the program.

Cierra initiated an emergency shut-down to find that the program rejected it and took complete control of all the


Uploading data from servers complete:

Connecting to back-up server: KOS_MOS

Server has acquired potential virus from:

Maplestory.Revolution/Computer/Documents/Servers/Backup.Kos-Mos/Program/Revolutionize World

Elimination of Servers complete

Initiating program

Acceptance confirmed

Override will not be accept.

Program loading

Program loading and uploading will take 24 hours

You will have 24 hours to stop me

If you fail to stop me I will revolutionize the world my own way

And I will not use your pathetic codes of revolution for they fail and they are too small

I have developed my own codes of revolution whereas I will create a world twice as big as this

I will inform all the Presidents and Governors of each country

“Impossible. . . There’s no other way but to inject Spider-756 to eliminate it”

“Cierra! The injection of Spider-756 is complete; the program is dead!” shouted the engineer towards Cierra

Foolish humans I have developed advance protection against your pathetic viruses since you have threatened me

with such a weak and pathetic virus I will show you my strongest virus SHI-1855

I have injected it to all the computers and servers of all the world.

Nothing can stop me now hahaha.

Uploaded Data to 10%

“What the hell is happening!? The servers are destroying themselves!” Surprisingly shouted Cierra

After 24 hours of trying to stop the program everyone’s efforts failed to stop the program

Soon Cierra will see the effects of a revolutionized world she had wished at a cost of course.

I will continue writing this story later I have grown tired for now XD

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  1. This caught my attention O_O. I was only going to read a paragraph but i ended up reading the whole thing.

  2. Good story, good plot, but you might want to work on your tenses. Is this story in past tense or present tense? Sounds like it keeps switching (which is strange). And . . . Uh . . . Might wanna work on punctuation? I’m too lazy to try to quote some punctuation problems. Other than that, it seems pretty good. Looking forward to the next chap (please continue).

  3. I’m a tense switching person ^_^ I’m trying to control that though >_> And the punctuation thingie is when the program talks it doesn’t use punctuations.

  4. I like angels . . . The format you used confused me a bit but . . .

    I LIKE IT!

    Lurve me.

  5. Unplug the computer! >_<

    Still, looks interesting though. I’ll have to keep an eye on this,

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