Starsign of Requiems Ch2.3

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Starsign of Requiems

Chapter 2.3:
Luna’s awakening.

As Cierra studied the odd-looking dragon shape in the sign.
The dragon looked small in the sign but who knows how big the dragon really was?
The dragon was painted white with large mustaches-which looked like a huge entrusting scarf; the dragon seemed to be shooting a huge white beam out of his gigantic miniature mouth in the faded painting.
In the top right corner there was an insignia inscribed in it; it looked like a symmetric hurricane symbol. Cierra closed in to see what was written under it:
“Only those born from fire can touch the dragon; if ye not born from fire be gone.”

Cierra did not seem to care; even though she could not use fire magic she thought she was strong enough to defeat this “white dragon”.

“When is he going to appear?” muttered Cierra
“Gosh; I’ve been waiting here for a couple of seconds and nothing happens.” She muttered again.
“Maybe if I cast some magic the dragon would wake up.”
Cierra settled her mind and closed her eyes and let her mind at ease. She was perfectly concentrated and ready to cast a spell. However she was wondering if Luni was ok. She was bound to go back to the village if she got hungry. But Cierra was too lazy to go back now after completing a couple of riddles.

And now she began chanting for her favorite spell:
Ice Beam. She did not know how to use it, so she thought of shooting it towards the sky as usual when she was practicing her accuracy.

“I call upon thy power of ice, to grant me thy wish of sending me thou coldest might to freeze my enemies and bring them towards absolute judgment, make them suffer with the coldest ice thou will ever feel; make me strong to suppress thy cold, and make my power stronger, please hear my call! ICE BEAM!” Pledge by her noise chanted Cierra.

Cierra held her hands up high in a form the would form an inverse triangle: The sign of the female; Seconds later energy began concentrating forming a small bubble of energy in her hands, exactly 5 seconds later the compressed energy bubble shot towards the sky with intense and massive speed, a couple of seconds later the energy Cierra had gathered was gone has if nothing had happened rain began falling from the beam she had shot upwards a few seconds ago.

The earth began to shake and another energy bubble began to form gathering energy as if it was enough to destroy the world; it grew bigger in seconds and after a minute a huge white dragon began to appear from the huge energy bubble he had made.

“You are a descendant from fire; but why do you use water magic? That would make you a disgraceful mage” angrily complained the White Dragon.

“I have always been a water mage, I was adopted by the tribe of water, and I know how to use it to my perfection; I know nothing of fire magic, only the basics of controlling it which were self-taught to myself from fiery experience” answered Cierra.

“That makes you a fire mage. You have the ability to use fire magic, come! SHOW ME YOUR POWER!” demanded the Dragon.

Cierra rapidly cast her favorite spell: Ice Beam, she began shooting weak, but swift beams of compressed water, which made it into ice, in a swift motion. The beams successfully hit the dragon, but it seems the dragon was left untouched.

The dragon hardly did anything to defeat Cierra all he had to do was cast a nice, and strong spell to defeat her with ease.

The white dragon chanted “Arclight”

Two huge balls of light shot from his tiny; but dangerous clawless arms.

Cierra was knocked out cold by the power of the dragon’s spell, and she stopped unconscious; Cierra felt as if nothing were happening at all. She felt a fiery blaze burn in her heart gasping for oxygen to ignite within her. Suddenly Cierra realized what she really was.

“I call upon the might flames that burn within my heart, ignite and defeat my enemy, make them sure to know what they have done, so I beg of ye to send me thou power of the burning flames of the haven that will save us all; LAVA SPARKS!” chanted Cierra in her unconsciousness.

Five huge balls of flame surrounded Cierra as if they where protecting her, and then they shot out towards the dragon creating a huge explosion, however the dragon had cast a spell before her fire magic had struck, for the explosion was compressed in a small area as if it was trying to escape.

The dragon was yet again; left untouched as if the flame tickle him; after knowing this Cierra’s legs trembled in fear, she was losing her breath as she watched the gigantic dragon.
However the dragon had the eyes shining with great promise and he exclaimed:

“Congratulations Cierra, you have defeated me. Your first fire spell shows great promise of what is to come if you train your fantastic fiery talents and shape them into a fierier figure. Come, hop into my back I will lead you to where the earth riddle awaits.”

“O-o-o-of course” Trembled by fear agreed Cierra.

Cierra hopped into the dragon’s back and he swiftly through a gigantic maze filled with thousands of riddles waiting to be solved by someone brave enough, but who knows how many people have died trying to solve it other than Luna?

The dragon had already reached the earth during Cierra’s meditation. She got down to soil which she clearly missed after the ride with the dragon and she nodded gratefully. The dragon disappeared in front of her as if he never existed.

Cierra read the sign and it said:

“Take the way Luna has taken. There are five short passages that will lead towards the riddle of Water.” The sign proclaimed.

I let out a heavy sigh and chose the 4th passage. And I found myself in front of the riddle of water during my expressionless walk of the 4th passage.