Starsign of Requiems Ch.2

Chapter 2.2:
Luna’s awakening.

As Luni and Cierra approached the entrance to the Forest of Mirrors they felt a sudden regret build up before them as
they grew closer.
“Um, Cierra; I think I’ll stay here. I don’t feel so good.” Worriedly said Luni.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a flash so don’t worry Luni.” Replied Cierra.

“Thanks, Cierra.”

Cierra went forward into the Forest of Mirrors. She knew which way to take since she new the forest by memory. Cierra had designed it when she was just a child. She designed it for it to be confusing, like a maze. However it had clues so that only the smartest would figure out the riddle that creates the forest. The riddle Cierra thought, it was a very confusing one. 6 clues, 6 ways, to the center of the forest and the same way back. The forest and no exit. It had a heart where only so far 1 person has gotten to it.” Luna” she thought.

Cierra came upon a sign. “The first riddle.” She read. The sign was a very confusing one, one she had never in her life. It was shaped like a star, imprinted in the ground as if it was burnt there.

“If you are a descendant from hell. Take the left and meet your doom. That is where you will find what you are looking for. Hell will be your liberator.”

Cierra knew exactly what it meant. When it said “Take the left and meet your doom” only idiots would fall for that.
Cierra took the right as if she knew the exact way to the heart of the forest.

The path was extremely close, very narrow horrible for group traveling and sightseeing. Cierra kept on moving forward.
Cierra still din’t see the next sign; however she noticed a small change in the color of the leaves, they were somehow slowly turning white.Cierra somehow felt as if all the trees were closing in on her. She felt uneasy however she remembered she had to save someone, so she found the strength to continue on.

Cierra finally found her way across the narrow path and located the second riddle.

The sign caught her attention though. It was shaped like a dragon.

It proclaimed the following words:

“Fight the dragon that rules the winds in order to proceed. He will guide you through the passage of wind, with it you will reach the area of Earth. A symmetric perfection. However if you fail to defeat the dragon of wind, thy must cross the passage of wind alone. A maze beyond perfection, the winds itself will destroy you. Successfully defeat the dragon and he will guide you for the passage of wind until you reach the riddle of Earth.”

I’m going to stop here for now. I’ll bring chapter 2.3 tomorrow to cover 2 more riddles [Air, Earth]

2.4 will cover [Water, Heaven, Cosmic]

2.5 will cover Luna’s awakening and the passage out of the forest.