omgwtfbbq Maple Story?!

Yes, so, I have decided to go rejoin Maple Story. >3

Late at night the other day I was thinking to myself, “I think I would like to go back to Maple Story and do some heavy a** kicking!”, so I went onto the site, looked at my dropping rank, and then re-downloaded the game. I also dragged my friend from Ragnarok Online to come play, so that was pretty exciting.

I logged onto my main character, whom I thought was still in Ossyria, and found her in Ellinia. After thinking for a moment or two, I figured that I would go wander Victoria Island and find new things to do while wondering if I should level or not.

So I wandered down to Sleepywood, and killed some Curse Eyes. After I got bored of that (which was fairly quick), I decided that I wanted to go to some dangerous place and kill something, so I went over to small handkerchiefs in the Kerning Subway, and heal-mobbed them for a little.

I noticed that MS went through a whole bunch of new changes. You have Gift Credits, little weird announcement thingars that cover my buffs so I never know when they run out, taming items, renaming and server changing, it was surprising to see how MS changed over half a year. I went into the Cash Shop, drooled over the new name change since I was getting tired of people mistaking me for someone at, and I was thinking of changing my character name. (Of course, I don’t know what would happen once I change my name. Would that mean that all the people on my friends-list would suddenly be kicked off and/or lost?) Anyway, I decided that I was going to go nab me one of those nifty NXcash cards from Target sooner or later.

Today, I went to go buy said NXcash card, and went nuts. I redid my character’s look and even gave her a new outfit to wear. >3 (Since I wasn’t sure what the Name Change would do to my character, I decided that I wouldn’t take the name change… yet.)

I also went killing at the giant handkerchiefs and died about twice due to being distracted from the screen. Otherwise, all is good and I am having fun for the first time in a long time. =3 (My schedule has been stuffed with a whole bunch of different things, so I’ve been most unhappy for a while.) I hope to log on a little more often and make some friends (since I lost the ones I had before).

So, yep, that’s how I came back to RO. =w=

5 thoughts on “omgwtfbbq Maple Story?!”

  1. =D

    They are called wraiths, not handkerchiefs
    Umm you stay in the same guild+ssame buddy list if you change names.

    It isn’t immediate, you have to wait for the next server change

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