[FFD1] The Blog of Duum

Oh halo there. Welcome to *thunder* The Blog of DUUUUUUUUUM!

Muwahahahahahahaaa! You have wandered aimlessly into my playing field, and now you shall DIE!


Anyways. My name is KenAndKev. My parents were very indecisive about my name. My mother wanted my name to be Kev, but my father liked Ken better. So they debated relentlessly until one day, the world changed foreverz….

The first combined name in the history of combined names….KenAndKev was born! And from that day on, I became… the One!

So life was all good. Until one day, deep inside of me, I heard a voice.

Voice: Hey you! I want to get out of this stinky body! It smells like stomach acid! Let me out!
Me: Uhh… who’re you? *jumps around* Get out of my body!
Voice: AHHHHH!! Stop! STOP! STOP!!!! You’re getting acid on me!!!
Me: *jumps*
Me: Hahaha! Get out of my body NAO!
Voice: That’s what I’m trying to say! I want to get out! But I can’t! You’ll have to get surgery!
Me: SURGERY!? NO! Surgery hurts! Doctors put sharp pokey thingies in you. And cuty thingies. And stuff. *runs*
Voice: Wait, watch ou-
Me: *slams into tree*
-Michael Jackson appears, rapes, does surgery, takes picture, leaves-

Voice: FINALLY! I AM OUT! *kicks KenAndKev* AHAHAHA!!! I will no longer be known as KenAndKev!!!!

I am….KevAndKen!!!

So in the end, KevAndKen and I became friends some how and here we are making a blog. Isn’t that cool!!! And to save your fingers, you can refer me as Ken, and him as Kev.

What’s to Come

* More Laffs!
* More Fun!
* More Action!
* More Comix!
* More Blogs!
* More mores!
* More references to other things that no one knows about except us and maybe a select few!
* More smexual innuendos! (Bewbs!)
* More immature humor!

We live in Atlantis, and we it’s pretty dark out. We better go before the Atlantians come and find us chatting with Earthlings…

See you soon! We hope you enjoyed our blog!

© 2008 KAK Productions

Oh, and btw, I bet you guys can never guess who we are! Hahahaha! We leave no clues so you guys can keep guessing the whole Earth population! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

10 thoughts on “[FFD1] The Blog of Duum”

  1. The blog looks very reminiscent of some others I read previously. Therefore I have a pretty good idea of who you are

    KenAndKev said: “Did you not see the Under Construction sign? D:”


  2. I wanna say you two are FunnyFroggy/Dest1 (because of the smexual innudendos to come, the typing, and the title) and iSPADE (‘cuz of the drawing).

  3. Argh, your tag says FF and D1, but that drawing! It looks like Spade’s, so I dunno if I should exclude one of you two. Er, wait, if you guys are the same person… Nah, won’t go back to that.

  4. are you that madcow fella and I have no idea who the other guy is but I guess I’ll go with cheeze and say Funnyfroggy.
    Doesn’t madcow always include those monster thingy pictures?

  5. Uh, MC. That’s not me. :

    Even though that lizard is dangerously close to my retarded style of art. . .


  6. that was very fun ^^
    first funny *short* blog ive read in a while
    , well, first blog ive read in a while at all XD

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