Anxiety Issues

For the past week, I’ve been trying to get lots of Quests off my Quest Window.

I’ve traveled back and forth. Up and down the Orbis Tower. To and from Victoria.

Recently, I’ve decided to gather the Nep seeds for that awfully tiring Nep Honey/Sap Quest. At first, I thought it would be quick.

But, then, the spawn was pathetic and the dropping of seeds were rare. A day or so passed, and they improved. But it was so tiring.. sitting there for hours trying to gather them up in one, tiny, little map.

I also met Protie there, my friend from GMS. I was sorta suprised that he registered on Odin.

Then on Friday, I waitted to log in. I couldnt. The login window just stuck there, like an obnoxious telemarketer putting me on hold.

Same on Saterday. And today, too.

I mean, come on! I was so close to finishing that godforsaken quest, and the server decides to kill everyone else when it reaches the 1000 player limit. Its a weekend too, so there’s no way I can log on now.

Unless I, like, deprave myself of sleep.


By the way, I took Friday off cause I was sick and graciously decided to spare the rest of the student population from contracting Influenza. Also, there was an ice blizzard in the morning, imploding my front door.

But the school district spazzed, announcing, “ALL UR SCEWLS IZ OPENS, LULZ.”

“Hell, no,” I thought.

-Amazed at how this blog deteriorated into satire and sarcasm galore,

6 thoughts on “Anxiety Issues”

  1. Yeah, where I live, we also had a ice storm. Every single state near me was like “close close close close close”

    Then came my school and thenÂ…

    “lol u nub ur skewl is opun lol”

  2. Aaah, I remember when I used to live in snow country. The worst part was there was a nice 1ft. snowstorm for about 3 days ALL AROUND ME. So everyday I would get up and pray that my school was closed, and on the news it would be like “closed closed closed YOU! YEAH YOU YOUR SCHOOL IS OPEN B!TCH closed closed closed”, it was so stupid

  3. and alot of thing btw, 1. hows life treating ya, 2. anxiety issues suck, might wanna take a breather and drink some coffee or something. 3. goodluck with maple again, im still on another break, maple gets too boring to play sometimes

  4. Kai! Its been too long. D;
    I was in Philly again at the end of december =o
    I registered on Odin too, I absolutely hate the login wait :/

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