Assassin’s Pride Ep: 10

Amorian Cathedral:
DbladeD has just encountered the new soldier abomination the Boss has created, DbladeD was just able to kill one of the soldiers that came to kill him before both soldiers took him on. The last standing soldier was enormous, its veins were green its eyes small and keen with a red center, its back bone was popping out to its neck, its skin was pale and its sweat glands were growing each time the creature breathed.

“You have no care in the world now trapped in that body that you have now, you are not human you are a demon from hell. What have they done to you?” said DbladeD

DbladeD looked on the creatures forehead, there was a sweat gland that kept increases in size rapidly, then the sweat gland started to leak out a liquid which was the green blood that was visible in the veins get exposed to the oxygen and carbon that escaped, the blood then turned yellow. Then a small purple bubble came out of the hole, after five seconds of staring at the bubble it exploded, the creature screamed in agony. long red spider legs came out of the hole and attached it self to the back of the creatures neck and brain.

“This is no science, this is black magic” said DbladeD

The creature became enraged, the creature took a deep breath and the sweat glands got sucked in, as the creature breathed out, black smoke came out of every gland. the odor of the smoke made DbladeD gag. The creature looked down at its feet and every muscle in its body grew and then the creature started sprinting toward DbladeD. As the creature came closer the faster DbladeD could imagine the pain, DbladeD look at the light coming through the cathedral window praying. As DbladeD looked at the window a shadowy figure becoming larger and larger until it smashed through the window. The creature heard the glass of the window shatter and come to the floor, DbladeD couldn’t make up what the figure was, all he saw was a sword come out of the figures sheath and came down on to the creatures head and stab it in the hole in which the spider legs came out of from its forehead.

“What in the world, who are you?” asked DbladeD

The creature screamed and clenched its fist over it’s wound, the creatures sweat glands and muscles and skin started to tighten up and the creatures skin shredded off until all that was left of the creature were bones, organs, and veins. but the creature was still alive and screaming in pain and walking around with its eyes closed, the creatures eyes came wide open and stopped screaming and started to be sucked up by a red light growing in its stomach and once the creature got sucked up the red light emploded, once the red light emploded black smoke came out from its spot.

“Hello DbladeD, nice to meet you again”

“Hermit?” asked DbladeD