The Summoner’s Return Ch – 2

Finally #2

The Summoner’s Return
Chapter Two
The Fight

“Lets end this quickly. I have to go soon. My master wants me. Well, with that pathetic little steel short sword you have this shouldn’t be to hard, but I’m not going to underestimate you, so lets finish this quickly!” Leon blurted out.

Falerix hustled toward Leon at full speed and attempted to lunge his sword through his stomach, but failed. Leon grabbed Falerix’s and smacked him with his Dark Metus. He fell back, scraping his face from the rocks. Leon quickly pulled out a golden-color arrow with some poison on the point.

Then suddenly he put his bow and arrow away, “You’re lucky,” he said, “that could’ve been the end of you right there, but I have to go and I can’t afford to waste one bit of my time, so the creations will destroy you!”

Leon ran off into the distance. Falerix didn’t bother going after him right now because if he did he’d meet the summoner, Akukage Torigawa. Some people see another portal opened up and out stepped Akukage, but others say he was a citizen of a regular town. Nobody knows where the summoner came from. Only the summoner, himself knows.

“Gahh. I have to run before the summonings find me.” Falerix said in a low-toned voice.

He quickly scanned the area for places to hide. The boulder he was hiding behind was shattered. There was no other place to hide. Falerix knew his way to Kerning City, he just didn’t know if it was the right choice to make. Nobody knows what lies ahead of him.

Falerix sheathed his sword, “Well, I have to try if I want to live,” he said sprinting on the path to Kerning City. Then something made him stop. Nothing hurt him, but it was fear that made him stop. He turned around to see three summonings behind him, growling. He quickly forced himself to run and he didn’t look back to see where they were because he was too afraid.

Falerix still heard growling and grunting behind him and it was getting closer and closer. He quickly readied his sword and turned around, finding more than three creations this time. One of them jumped towards Falerix. He lunged at it with his sword, but all that did was put a nick in Falerix’s sword.

The summoning had gotten extremely mad along with the ones behind him. They all were about to attack him until he just vanished in thin air.

“What the f-” Falerix was about to say, but then got cut off.

“Shh, I just saved you.” a boy around the age of 14 said.

The creations growled and they were onto Falerix. They could find him the just haven’t found him yet.

“Damn it. This skill is draining my mana like crazy. We better sneak out of here fast before it’s too late.” he whispered.

The mysterious boy kept them hidden for a while with Dark Site and then they ran the rest of the way to Kerning City.

“I need you to help me warn the town. They all know the creations are, but they don’t know how close they are.” he said
Falerix nodded. “Alright, but I think they’re here already,”

“What makes you think that?” the boy replied.

“Well, they knew I was near and then we started to run and since Dark Site makes you slower they probably were following us for awhile. They’re probably about five minutes away from here right now.” Falerix explained to the boy.

“I mean after all, the last Arch Mage had to trap the last Summoner, so that has to make the summonings somewhat strong.” he continued.

“Well, our main concern is killing ht Summoner,” he said.

“No, our main concern is killing all the summonings and then work our way up to the Summoner, but it’s not going to go so smooth. The creations are strong,” Falerix said unsheathing his sword, “look at the nicks in my sword from trying to strike one. Your throwing stars are useless as well as daggers. But…there has to be a way you can kill them. I’ll try and figure it out.”


“Gahh, crap they’re here,” Falerix said, “I’m going to need your help with this.”

“What do you need me for?” he replied.

“I’ll distract them and you throw your stars at them to figure out where their weak spot is. Got it?”

“Yes,” he replied

“Hey, I might need this…what’s your name?”

“I’m John…that’s what everybody calls me. I don’t know my real name. My memory got erased. I don’t know why and I never know will why, but we better get to work!”

Falerix ran up some nearby stairs leading to a couple other people who were fighting the summonings. They were evenly matched and apparently killed a few of them.

“John, look at that…” Falerix said.

“What?” he answered.

“They killed a few.” Falerix said.

John took out a few Mokbi stars out of his bag in an instant. He launched them at the others’ heads, killing them.

“John, why’d you do that?” Falerix asked.

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