7 thoughts on “Very funny thread on Basil.”

  1. I’m very confuzzled as to why you can bring one thing but not another thing that is related to it.

    MY BRAIN ISN’T WORKING ON THE ACCOUNT OF MY ILLNESS, GAWSH. And pl0x make your blogs longer, or put this in the forum section.

  2. I only just got that, thanks to 8 Days. And I don;t care if it’s funny or not, let it stay in Basil.

  3. Haha, cute but I don’t quite get it.

    Pencils and papers are not allowed in Bobby’s World? The sad thing is that I used to watch that show but I still don’t get it. :/

  4. Lol. Joey, you’re slow. They play this all the time in Orientations.

    I can bring Winnie the Pooh, but not Piglet~

    I can bring correct spelling, but not bad typoes.

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