MS: Quest Panic!


“Super Mario: The Lost Levels”, has officially sucked my life away.

Yeah, so I downloaded “Super Mario: The Lost Levels” onto my Wii yesterday from the Virtual Console. Well, lemme tell ya, it is the most annoying game ever. Yet I love it. Lemme tell you a few “frustration” points in the game, and how it made me kick my gamecube controller across the room.

World 1-2, the good ol underground level, with the catchy theme that everyone hummed to at least once in their lives. Well, the version in THIS game is a LOT more anger inducing, and gamecube-ass-kicking-urge-ful. I’ll pwn a piranha plant with my skillz, and a goomba will fall out of nowhere and wipe the floor with me. Sad face.

MapleStory: iSPADE’s quest to finish all of the quests in his questbook

Yep, so what would happen was that I would just accept any quest from any NPC that I met. I told myself that I would get all those quests done, but the fact was that I didn’t even look at the ugly ass quest helper ever again afterwards. Once again, it proves how lazy of a person I am. Double sad face.

BUT, BUT! I am now on a major rampage now, attempting to wipe every quest out of my “Too-Doo” list. I finished most of the ones from Henesys, NLC, and Kerning. I swear, I was so obsessed with finishing the quests that I would’ve denied an invitation of secks. Triple sad face.

Duh hot chik ovar thar: Hay there smex–


Yeah, I’m working on it. Before, I gave you an excuse saying writer’s block. Honestly, I spoke the truth, but now, I have tons of ideas to put in my FanFic, but I’m just too effin’ lazy to get these writing gears into shape. I envy Naz for being able to dish out a chapter every single nano-second. YOU HAFF NOH LYFE NAHZ.

It’s lak a spoila: Another person dies in the next chapter. c:

A secret project I’m working on and I won’t tell anyone but I’m just mentioning it to keep you guys in suspense.

It’s a giant comic project, and I’m up to like, the twenty ninth panel. I’ll have it done soon. With the homework, and my math exams coming up, it’s going to be a while before this thing even sees the life of day. I’ll be coming out with little secret teasers in my future blogs about the comic.

Gunz: the Duel, the MMO where SPADEY pwned guosim at.

Ooooh yeah, guosim. I pwned you and you knew it. I went butterflying, SSing, RSing, wall cancelling, insta, all over your arse. If anyone dares to challenge me, the name is “DeFeATiSHiN” on International server. I’ll be waitin’, boi.

I got to level 15, so my new Breaker 6 has been treating me well.

Well, got a load off of my mind today.



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8 thoughts on “MS: Quest Panic!”

  1. Haha, I know a lil’ about addicting games. I just got acquainted with Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. I’mma try and get Kirby: SuperStar and Chrono Trigger when they come out for the VC.

  2. iSpade said: “With the homework, and my math exams coming up, it’s going to be a while before this thing even sees the life of day.”

    Isn’t it “sees the light of day”?

  3. DAM YOU.
    Yeah, I gotz owned.
    The sensitivity there is a lot better, and my screen keeps flashing black on International! (<-lolexcuse)

    -cries in corner-

  4. Lol, too bad I don’t play international (IT WOULDN’T WORK!). Anyways, how’d you do so good? And no, I don’t want to learn k-style, I prefer e-style.

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