iSPADE: Return!

BLOG 18: Liquid Snake.

Hey guys, I’m back! I haven’t been on MMOtales for about 2-3 weeks now, but I’ve made a full fresh return, and to top it off, a great Spade blog for you guys to read and choke yourself for reading it afterwards!

After finally unlocking all the stages and characters in Brawl, and barely getting past Subspace Emissary on Very Hard, I decided to go back to the amazing world of Wi-Fi awesomeness. Now that I had a wide variety of characters to choose from online, I decided to test the characters out. Surprisingly, it turns out that I am indeed quite skilled with Snake. I managed to plant his clamwars and C-4s on the map cleverly, and execute them by luring my opponents to a trap. Oh, and with Snake, his strong and standard A moves are faster and better to use instead of his rocket launcher side-smash. (Took me a while to catch on.)

One strategy I managed to “create” was where I would plant a clamwar (Down smash) between me and my opponent, and use Snake’s up-smash, (fire missle upwards), so that when my foe would jump over the clamwar in his/her attempts to dodge the explosion, he/she would get bombed in the face. Or if they just ran at me without noticing the bomb, they would probably have gotten blown up in the face.

Something seems to be wrong with MapleStory. Whenever I open it, the patch opens up, and it gets stuck at the “Base” section of the patch. I turned off my monitor, went to the kitchen to get something to eat, watched TV, and came back several hours later to find out it still hasn’t finished loading yet. So if anyone knows the solution to my little situation here, an answer to my problem would be very nice.

I bought one of the Phoenix Wright games. I believe it was “Justice for All”. I got so frustrated on the first case I threw my DS microphone across the room. I screamed into my DS, believing the anger would give me incredible hulk strength, but it turns out all I really made were constipated faces. I eventually solved it though, around my 3rd try, but I don’t think I’ll be approaching my DS for a while.

Although this was a while ago, I might as well say it now, seeing I never made a blog for it after it happened. I successfully scrolled my Silver Gaurdian 7 times, with three 60%s, and four 100%s. It may not exactly be the best claw in the world, but overall I’m pleased with it. Sorry I can’t upload a screenie, I try, but whenever I take a screenshot with “Scroll Lock”, I never manage to find it on my computer. Oh, and I also got to my first 9 mil that day too! But I blew it all on Tobis, scrolls, and pots. Just goes to show you really can’t trust me with money, because if you put a 5 dollar bill in my hand, a minute later I’ll be running away with a jar full of jaw breakers.

01: Unlocked all stages and characters in Brawl!
02: Got to my first 9 mil a while ago!
03: Scrolled an item without going emo afterwards!

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GLOBAL-BROA: UnReALiZeDX (Semi-active)


2 thoughts on “iSPADE: Return!”

  1. Broan Pride! Welcome Back! How are you so good at Brawl?
    Oh yeah, as for your MS problem, you’ve been away for so many patches that now you’ve got to completely uninstall Maple, and reinstall it. This is why you should play Maple more. I’ll be on! Bandit123432 (long name lulz). *adds iSpade to MMOT friend list*


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