AXiS OF EKiL [03]

AXiS OF EKiL: 03

Omg, Axis of Ekil, number three is out already?!!?omghaxban!!11

iSPADE: We’re already introducing addition number 3 to our series, so get ready!
iPod: And in this, we have a new awesome animation feature!
iSPADE: Uhm, I thought we agreed not to do that.
iPod: Oh cmon. Humph, you never let us add anything really interesting.
iSPADE: wowfeggtfo

Status of the two most popular guys in the world.

iPod: Don’t you mean “Status of the three most popular guys in the world?” I count as two, you count as one.
iSPADE: Nah. “Two most popular guys” means me because I count for two awesome papelz.
iPod: Omg, that’s just hax.
iSPADE: You know what? Your face is a hax.

Listening: My A.C blowing against my face.
Eating: Nothing.
Drinking: Some milk.
Watching: This darned computer screen.

Listening: Ozone CD
Eating: A Jollyrancher.
Playing: The game of evil made by the company of evil.
Drinking: Water. H20.
Watching: Videos on YouTube

I believe this is the part where you sit on your ass and REED.

iSPADE: I always thought reed was spelled that way. . .
iPod: Sorry bout that Spade, my Grammar Nazi conscience took over.
iSPADE: It’s okay. I’m immune to the stopid papelz.
iPod: Pfft, yeah right.


MapleStory: I am being uber pwnage right now. I have leveled up to 36, and I
have created a guild called “UnitedPwn”, and addition to that, I expanded it twice and
added an emblem! The guild was funded by my ridiculously rich friend, who’s also sweet
and cool. I plan on CPQing until I’m level 40, then going for Ludi and Maze pq.


The Game Of Evil that rhymes with NapleStory: Heh, you’ll never figure this one out!
Anyways, on “Naple” today I really grinded. I grinded from 2:30-3:30 at gryphons (30-42%),
but then got bored. Then, at 4, when the awesome uber crazy 2x EXP EVENT
started, I resolved to grind for at least an half a hour at gryphons. I turned on the sound and
for the first time heard the crazy soundtrack of Krakian Forest. Really weird, but with a whirl
to it that kept me going. I multitasked; Talking with my friends while at the same time fighting
off a mob of gryphons from overwhelming me. Before I knew it, a whole hour was up, and I
was left with a fricking 72%!!! I have never achieved a % rate of that in my 60’s. It’s a first.
Now I see why people like 2x exp cards so much.

[b]This is RANDOM![/ b]






Sorry, we had to hit him on the head with a frying pan. Otherwise he would’ve revealed a secret!
iSPADE: O-Ow. . .

iSPADE: My mini-blog was better than yours.
iPod: No it wasn’t. Mine was in more detail, and was actually interesting.
iSPADE: Too bad.
iPod: What kind of response is that?
iSPADE: Too bad.
iPod: Stop that!
iSPADE: Too bad.
iPod: If you say ‘Too bad’ again that means you’re a doofus.
iSPADE: . . .
iPod: Ha! Beat that!
iSPADE: Too bad.
iPod: *Uses hidden stun gun to zap Spade*
iSPADE: Too bad.

Other etc. stuff you’ll probably never want to hear about in your life!

iPod: What are you talking about?! Of course they want to hear about this stuff.
iSPADE: Nah, it’s really boring Pod, trust me.
iPod: No you!
iSPADE: verysurprisedsadface o:>

Other etc. stuff you haff to reed or we’ll slit your throat! (That or shoot you with our Roflcopters.)

Because many of you like MapleStory, I uploaded a video about it. Only a PvP featured
video! And it’s not carnival or kill monsters before the opponent. It’s actual PVP!!!


Ever wondered what it felt like to be a GM in maplestory? “THA LIFE OF A GM” explains
all that in this video! Just watch. . . It’s funny and disturbing at the same time. . .


Wii Sports

Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Replay Value: 8/10

Review: Wii Sports is a pretty nice game, filled with plenty of minigames to choose
from. It comes free with the Wii in North America, so cost isn’t really a hassle. It’s
really popular *cough* because you have to get it when you buy your Wii *cough*.
Of course, Wii Sports is pretty good exercise. With an interactive controller that lets you
move around, it is a great representation of the real thing. Of course, video games aren’t
the same as the real thing. Wii Sports is very simple, which is good and bad. The good is
that it makes it easy to grasp the controls and gameplay. The bad is that it might be too
simple, too oversimplified. Though this is a good game, I have to point out that the
interactive controls aren’t exactly the best. The Wii is the first interactive game console
that doesn’t rely purely on buttons and switches, but also movement. However,
sometimes the control goes a bit…wrong. The cursor doesn’t go where you want it to,
you don’t hit your virtual opposing boxer in the place you meant to, and a few others.
But without doubt, this still is a moderately good game. I would recommend it, and if you
get it in North America, you will be following this recommendation. Also, this game review
is better than iSpade’s.

Super Paper Mario

Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replay Value: 6/10

Review: Super Paper Mario is the third installment of the Paper Mario series. Being
a rabbid fan of the mustachioed hero he is today, I immediately went out and bought it
to add it to my “MARIO AWSMNEZZZ11!!Q” collection. As soon as I grasped the controls,
I loved it. You hold the Wii Remote sideways, like an old styled NES Mario game. You
move sideways like the classics, but there are many things that differentiate the two. One,
pressing the “A” button flips the world into a 3D view, but only for a limited amount of time.
You must flip into this world to find clues, hints, and easter eggs that are hidden throughout
the game. Second, you can use items such as the mushroom, to heal yourself, or battle items
such as the “pow block”, which damage foes within the screen. Intricate boss battles were
cleverly designed, and it isn’t mindless hammer bashing, so it’s basically about finding out their
weakness, and striking it from there on. Third, you get sidekicks called “pixls” that give you a unique
power, such as using the “hammer”, “blowing things up,” and “going super fast”. Did I ever
mention that you can switch between characters such as Mario to Luigi to Peach to Bowsah?
It may seem that all these things might trick you into thinking this might overwhelm you, but it
is in fact an easy game to grasp.

I should probably say something negative about this review, seeing this is a review. Well,
once you beat Super Paper Mario, there is really nothing else to play. The game gets boring,
and the fun of the game drops to practically nothing. You’ll most likely never touch that game
on your shelf again once you’re done with it. Also, there are some parts in the game that get
REALLY REALLY annoying, such as going through all the ENDLESS cloud stages, finding yourself
around Count Bleck’s castle, and walking through the white empty void for 10 minutes.

All in all, Super Paper Mario is an excellent game to play, and if you don’t have it , I
suggest you go out and fix that right now.

iPod brings up and issue!

Have you guys noticed that I changed my sig? I have changed it from:
and recently to

Why? Because adding euro to the end increases its value! The euro value is rising, and so will my sig! That, and Creed.

I’m not a fickle person like iPod, so I only changed my sig twice since I joined here.
From ♠
to [♠]

That concludes today’s installment of our series! Tune in next time for further adventures of. . .


[♠] + ~Podeuro

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