AXiS OF EKiL [01]


It’s the beginning! It’s the end! No. . . It’s the AXIS OF EKIL!l

iSPADE: Heyyyy folks! Do you know what THIS blog’s about? Let my partner, iPod, explain some things for you.
iPod: Stop abusing grammar! Anyways, we have decided to form the AXIS OF EKIL so we can take over the world. Also to blog together.
iSPADE: That’s right! We’re blogging together! The forces of two!
iPod: *cough* The ekil forces of two. *cough*
iSPADE: Hehe iPod, you always humour me so. Well, I suppose we’ll start out the blog!

Status of the two most popular guys in the world

Listening: Give It All -Rise Against
Eating: Omelette Rice
Playing: Halo – Combat Evolved
Drinking: Milk.
Watching: da mr lopez show

Listening: Don’t Stop the Music
Eating: Bill Gates
Playing: Hearts
Drinking: Beverage that probably isn’t beer.
Watching: Big Box Mart

This is the part where you sit and listen.

iPod: And here we…uh…wait a sec. Lemme consult the title.
[/whispered consultent]
Okay, in this section we will talk about the randomness of our days that are MMO Tales.
iSPADE: Randomness? But I thought my day was straight and normal.
iPod: Any day with a Spade isn’t normal.
iSPADE: Oh. I could’ve sworn–
iPod: Don’t argue with me! I now label you a Spud!
iSPADE: no u


MapleStory: Got my ass to level 31! Hit 5 mil for the first time on that character! Got 2 Asuras and 1 Dark Mate!

Gunz: Quit International, and is currently trying to download ijji!

Halo: kiked sum butt

iPod’s MMO DAY:

MapleStory: It’s the Maple Event! And I frickin hate it for some reason! Why do I hate the Maple Event?! AUGH!!!

BattleField2 Demo: Trying this out. Seems okay. After all, I already got to 50% on the download setup!

MMO Tales: Today is a great day on MMO Tales. Today, our very first iSpade/iPod123432…uh…thing – was launched!

iSPADE: Well, what else should we include in this FABULOUS blog of ours, iPod?
iPod: I was thinking about bringing up this comic I made!

Wait, I don’t have a comic…

Lol. My video is funny Supa Sm4sh Bros Braw1!!!

iSPADE: Aha! You think that’s funny. . .Take a look at this!
iPod: You forgot to put in the video . . . Fine, I’ll put it in.

iSPADE: A great music video, by Rise Against.


iSPADE: iPod, your video wasn’t funny. . .
iPod: Yeah it was! It was so funny that my laughometer rated it OVER 9000!!!
iSPADE: . . .
iPod: Owie! *SMG’s Spade*

Reviews for your most favorite games ever111!

Mario Kart Wii

Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replay value: 9/10

Review: Mario Kart returns to the Wii with a big smash, and plenty of new
material is added into the new game. Introducing “tricks” into the game made it really
worthwhile and fun, as it gives you a mini-turbo when you land, (and it looks really cool.)
You can take it easy with 50 cc, or play it to the extremes with 150. You can play this
over and over with your friends, and the competition gets really rough sometimes,
(cough cough iPod), especially if the other person is a sore LOSER.
All in all, Mario Kart Wii is definitely worth the money and the time.


Game title: Super Smash Bros 64

Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10 for Multiplayer, 7/10 for singleplayer
Replay value: 10/10

Review: Guys, I mean THE ORIGINAL NOT BRAWL!!! Compared
to many other games on the market at the time, Super Smash Bros is a breath of
fresh air. It boasted great graphics for its time, but didn’t have a very good single
-player campaign. You pretty much went through several stages fighting various
other characters. It ends with Master Hand, who you must defeat (do 300 HP
Damage) to complete the single player campaign. To unlock the hidden-characters,
you usually have do do several variations of the single player campaign several
times. Eventually, you end up with twelve characters. To kill another character,
you must force them off the stage by hitting them. Certain moves do more damage,
others take more time, and others don’t knock back but just do damage. More
damage=higher knockback. SSB is really easy to learn, and can be used by
nearly anyone. However, the game really shines in its multiplayer gameplay.
When it was released, it instantly became a bestseller mainly because of its
multiplayer aspects, allowing at most four human players to battle against
each other in the Vs Mode. It wouldn’t ever be forgotten if it hadn’t been for
SSBM and SSBB. Still, it is a very good game. It is played on the Nintendo 64
Game Console. However, most people these days will opt instead for Super
Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube) or Super Smash Bros Brawl (more likely, on Wii).

iSPADE: Well, that’s about it for today’s blog collab.
iPod: Today’s ebil yet supremely awesome collab.
iSPADE: Yeah, so we’ll see you next time!
iPod: That is, if you click the orange button down there that shows that you like this blog.

[♠] + ~Podeuro

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  1. Spade, I thought we’d agree that I would publish the first one! Ah well, then I call the next one -_-


  2. ZOMG

    ‘EKiL’ is ‘like’ spelled backwards


  3. Chamber the Cartridge – Rise Against
    Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna

    Now thats a new one, dual-blogging.

    ~Lily x33.

  4. Chamber the Cartridge is part of the “Suffrage and the Witness”, I fink.


  5. Whoa, neat idea!
    And I thought ‘Ekil’ was a play on ‘evil’
    But I guess I was wrong!
    Lol, awesome title!

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